5 Must have apps in 2017 going into 2018. Make life easier and SAVE money !


I’m big on savings, and I love to save anyway I can. Life as a millennial can be hard. Most of us are living check to check because jobs aren't paying us enough, so when it comes to shopping, budgeting and using your resources is key to staying afloat. The dollar store has been my favorite store ever since I got my first apartment. Deals upon deals! You can't go wrong with $1. I know some might look down on the dollar store but there are some great things you can get for just a dollar. Such ascoconut oil, (yes I'm serious) name brand products like, Coffee Mate, Sugar In The Raw, (natural sugar) A1 Steak sauce, Cinnabon's, Golden Krust beef patties, (My favorite) Bounty paper towels, Lysol products, I can go on and on. If you haven't been to The Dollar Store yet, definitely check it out!

Additionally, this blog will offer suggestions for apps that can help you starting saving, and even offer some freebies.

  1. Tip Yourself-tip yourself  I recently download this app and it has helped me a lot with managing my savings. Their perspective is, "You always tip others, why not  tip yourself". How it works is, you put money is your "tip jar" when you have accomplished something or have saved money. Instead of buying a large coffee maybe you purchased a small. You add the money and the app will ask you why you tipped yourself, the options will be you saved money or "getting motivated" etc. This app is a community where you give "props" to other people by liking the fact that they saved money. You also have an option of setting your profile private in the settings. You will need to link your bank account so you can add money to your tip jar. Also, whenever you want to withdraw your funds you can, and there is NO FEE. Download this free app, put money in your jar set a savings goal and get started, this app is free to use!


2. Acorns-  This app is a great tool for saving and investing all at once. I like the fact that Acorns allows you to set up weekly investments unlike Tip yourself, So if you get paid every Friday you can set up a savings arrangement for what works for you, just set it and forget it! Just as little as $20 a check goes a long way in the end. They do provide an additional option for one-time transfers. Acorn says that they take a portion of the money you save and they invest into other companies which gives you a share of the company. I never found out how this worked personally. Another cool feature is the round ups. This allows automatic debits  from your account of left over spare change. Example: If you purchase a donut for $1.25 the remaining dollar left over which is $0.75 will go into your Acorn savings account. I am consistently swiping my card so within a weeks time I logged into my account to see that I had $30 in round ups, not bad for doing nothing! As a heads up, be prepared to enter your personal info along with your social security number, they need to fully identify you and verify information as this is an investment app. This would be the same concept at a bank. Don't be alarmed though! I use the app and I love it, no issues with security. This app has a small fee of $1 per month. Download the app using my link and receive $5 to get started !Acorn $5


3. Checkout 51- This app helps you save money when you buy groceries, all you have to do is shop and upload your receipt. Whatever items they are currently offering for cash back is what you will get back in your checkout 51 account balance. Example: You purchase Cheezits ($1.00 cash back), deodorant ($1.00), and dish soap ($0.50) your total account balance will be $2.50 from that one grocery shopping. You'll always have to shop for groceries so eventually your account balance will get higher with every shop, just make sure you keep your receipt! Once you have accumulated $20.00 you have the option of receiving a check mailed to you. I like the fact that they participate with most stores and they are all alphabetical order so you can easily search and find your favorite stores. Beside each store they have the number of offers and the total amount of offers which is cool. Big name brand stores like Aldi are participating, BJ's, CVS, Costco, Dollar General, Farm Fresh, Giant, Target, Walmart and many more. Download this app and start saving, this app is FREE


4. Ebates- This app is very similar to Checkout 51. The only difference is you are shopping for mainly clothing, electronics or other merchandise. You also don't have to upload a receipt to get the deal, you shop right in the app! This app is free to use.


5. 7- Eleven- I like this app because it offers a bunch of discounts and freebies. 7-Eleven works on "Bonus points" so every time you make a qualifying purchase let them scan the barcode on your phone once you download the app. When you purchase items they are offering the deal for, Example: Coffee and breakfast sandwich, a salad or specific drink etc you will receive those bonus points. These points can get you more deals and freebies once you reach a certain amount. This app is free!7-11

In addition to these apps another helpful way to save is the "Envelope method" I created this method back in 2015. How it works is, you set aside money for each bill per month labeling the envelope with that desired bill. Example: Gather envelopes and label one "Food" the next gas, credit card, rent, miscellaneous etc. When you get paid put the money in each envelope and add how much you will be using for your personal spending (miscellaneous). The idea is to only Spend what is in each envelope. Keep up this habit for as long as you can to see the money pile up! I was successful at this method and saved $2,000! Lastly, remember to utilize ALL resources. Save in many different ways, don't just stick to saving in one account or using one method. Spread you're savings out so you forget you even had money there! Good luck saving in 2018! Let 2018 be a prosperous year for all of us!

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