Why you can't cook for shit...


When I showcase my food on social media people always compliment my food or ask me how I made the dish. I've always had a love for food since I was a kid so cooking in my lens is easy, and honestly, I feel like there is nothing I can't cook. I'm so in tune with food that I can cook most things without initially tasting them. Example, when I used to live with my parents my mother brought home this purple long weird looking thing with a green stem on top... I had no idea what it was but she asked me to cook it, so I did. Turns out it was eggplant lol. First I cut it into slices and decided I would grill it. I threw some olive oil on the pan/grill and seasoned each side with salt, pepper, and a little adobo and then flipped it to the next side. When the eggplant began to get tender I knew it had to be done. (Still didn't taste it at this point) Next, I finely chopped up some fresh garlic and sautéed that in a pan with olive oil for about a minute, then sliced up some fresh tomato. I place one eggplant slice then pepper jack cheese tomato and some garlic and repeated. In the oven, it went at 350 degrees until the cheese melted. I handed my mother the plate and left the room. I came back to ask her how it was and she LOVED IT! If you can't cook but want to learn howfirst you need to understand WHY you can't cook because honestly cooking is easy. It's all about learning and repetition. When I was in my teens I used to come home and watch the cooking channel for about 3 hours before I started my homework lol. There was no way I was missing 30-minute meals with  Rachael Ray, Emeril Lagasse or Mario Batali, those were my faves. I learned a lot by just watching and you can too if you take the time to dig deeper!

Let's be real, you can't cook because:

1.) You never took the time to really learn


2.) You missed the basics



  • Cooking food without burning it or overcooking. (Proper use of temperature control over the stove.)
  • Proper use of seasonings on different textures of meat. (Chicken vs Fish.) Fish takes seasoning easier than chicken because chicken is meatier. Fish is light with a more fleshy texture. Therefore, you would season fish lighter than you season chicken, and season chicken more heavily to actually taste the flavor.
  • Under seasoning food. Not becoming familiar with texture and taste.
  • Creating an appealing presentation.

3.) You lack creativity


  • Mastering food collaborations. ( Formally setting up a 3-course meal that coincides with the main dish)
  • Trying new things.
  • Trying new cooking methods. (Frying, baking, sautéing, searing, broiling etc) Learning the differences.

4.) You don't utilize your resourcesyoutube-e-pinterest-dos-redes-sociales-que-debes-tener-en-cuenta-para-tus-ventas-online.jpg

  • Youtube, online recipes and Pinterest are a great start. If you don't have Pinterest you should definitely sign up for a free account. If you already have an account follow me at Pinterest.com Here you can find recipes and save the ones you like so they are always there! You'll continue to see relative content so you will never run out of ideas!

5.) You're jumping the gun


  • If you can't fry an egg or make toast without burning it why are you trying to make chicken cordon bleu? Stick to easy dishes before trying to create complicated ones to build up your familiarity in the kitchen. Baby steps.
  • You're not following instructions, instead of diving right into the dish trying to wing it. Watch, pay attention, thenexecute.


Cooking is all about the FLAVOR! I've been in some people's cabinets and wow, straight up disappointing lol. I have at least 10 plus seasonings in my cabinet RIGHT NOW. I love diversity and having options, you definitely don't want all your food tasting the same.

Now that we've reviewed why you can't cook take the time to reflect and remember your faults for the next time you get in the kitchen, COMBINING that with must-have seasonings so we can get the ball rolling on making some of these delicious dishes!

Here's a sample of some food I've made

Curry Shrimp

curry shrimp.jpg

Pan seared steak w/ seasoned oven roasted red potatoes, sautéed broccoli


Jerk chicken W/ homemade yellow rice spicy black beans

jerk chicken.jpg

Baked salmon sautéed garlic string beans W/ roasted red potatoes

salmon potatoes.jpg

Mouth watering right?


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