Don’t send your man to the store to shop for you


More times than none he's going to come back with the wrong thing... I'm not sure if its the fact that they don't want to do it in the first place or they're actually that slow lol. It's like once they get to the store they lose their common sense LOL. They don't know where to start. Pick up a basket or do I need a shopping cart? Do I even need one of those???

I think guys lack details, us women are to the T when it comes to describing something.



Girl: "What you wearing tonight girl?"

Friend: "A gold sequence strapless shirt with a black pencil skirt that I got from H&M with these black and gold open-toe pumps and either my tan clutch or the black one.

Guy: "What you wearing tonight bro?"

Friend: A black tee and jeans.


Seriously, lol what's up with the lack of detail???

When a man goes shopping for a woman we want what we ASKED FOR. I wanted Telenti chocolate chip cookie dough, NOT caramel cookie crunch...

They think we're ungrateful lol, no I appreciate your efforts... BUT I WANTED WHAT I WANTED SIR. ESPECIALLY IF IM ON MY MONTHLY...


So a few days ago I sent my boyfriend to the store to buy me some pads, this is what happened... LOL


When sending a man shopping you gotta make sure you send him the EXACT images of what you want, even then that will not guarantee you'll get the right thing LOL, but it will help if they have something to go by. Because if you say "Get ALWAYS, the orange ones, and make sure they have wings, all he's going to remember is PADS AND ORANGE.

I remember one day I was shopping at Walmart for some pads and it was me and a few other ladies in the aisle and ONE man. We were all looking at him like what is he doing here??? AND DO YOU NEED SOME HELP, SIR??? When I say he looked confused.... he looked like someone dropped him off there in his sleep lol.

I guess we were all hesitant to say something but someone finally did, and he sounded relieved as hell to be getting some assistance. The woman asked him what he was looking for he said "I don't know my girlfriend said get heavy flow" LMAO.

We all laughed and she said "OK, well if she's bleeding a lot you may want to pick up these, ALWAYS Overnight"


I know my boyfriend HATES going grocery shopping with me or any shopping in general lol, so I have to make it short and sweet when he comes...even though I still take my time lmao.

When I shop I sometimes have a habit of buying things I don't necessarily need so every other isle he's right behind me like, "NO NO, YOU DONT NEED THAT, KEEP WALKING. "


Most women that go shopping and actually enjoy it will browse and circle back isles like my self lol. Sometimes I'm so into it that I actually forget what I initially came for. Which is probably why we take so long...The blinders that men have can be good or bad. I have to admit they do get the job done in an efficient amount of time lol, BUT the bad part is you miss things or pick up the WRONG THINGS... Even with your little system...

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