9 of my favorite affordable go- to wines


I LOVE WINE. I love the feeling it gives me and the vibe I get rather than being drunk off of liquor, it's just two different things. You don't have to drink wine to get drunk, you can just have a glass to relax you, that's what it does. It relaxes me and provides comfort. Rather, me chugging down some Hennessy feeling the need for intimacy lol.

I mean I wanna do it whether I'm drinking wine or Hennessy but I'm just saying... If I got Henny in my system you looking like a piece of meat to me...

It took me a while to love Hennesy lol but I do enjoy it now, not for the taste but for how it makes me feel. Don't be fooled, wine can absolutely get you drunk, it, of course, depends on your tolerance for alcohol. If you're a heavy drinker, it may take you 3-5 glasses to get you right lol. But if your not a drinker the first glass should get you tipsy, depending on the ALC content. My preference is 12% and up.

I started drinking wine back in 2014 and ever since then I've truly preferred wine OVER alcohol. First alcohol is too strong, taste nasty and makes me feel yucky the next day. Wine, on the other hand, is not strong, smooth, actually taste good and is not nearly as toxic. I wouldn't even say wine is toxic. Most people and doctors advocate that wine is good for you and promotes a healthy heart. Check out this article for more information.

In any event, I love wine and I'm going to share my favorite wines with you now! These are all AFFORDABLE WINES! 


1.) Beringer

This is a red wine, the taste is sweet and the ALC content is about 12-13% average price is $8.99-$13.99

I've tried their sweet red and Moscato, both are good.

2.) Sutter Home

This wine is also sweet and the ALC content is about 12-13% Average price is $6.99- $9.99

Any Sutter Home brand is good. Red, Pino Grigio, or Moscato.

3.) Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi

This wine is slightly sweet but very dry. I enjoy this wine but it's definitely not my first pick. ALC is 13.5% average price $5.99- $13.99

Image provided by Google

Image provided by Google

4.) Carlo Rossi

This wine is a sangria, great to mix with fresh fruit and have girls brunch with but not necessarily to get drunk off of.

They have many different options, Sangria, Red and more! Average price $8.99-$14.99

5.) Naked

This wine is sweet and light, also refreshing. Not sure on the ALC content. Average price is $4.99-$6.99


This wine is tasty, sweet and light as well. The ALC content is low anywhere from 6-9% Average price $5.99-$8.99

7.) Yellow tail -Sweet Red Roo

Yellow tail is a really great wine and it’s a frequent pick up for me. Especially when I’m being cheap 😁ALC% is 12%. It’s fair but it’s actually strong to me. 1 glass I’m feeling it.

Average price $5.99-$10.99

8.) Sweet Bitch- Cabernet

I love sweet bitch. At first I was skeptical by the title and image lol, but it’s surprisingly really good and obviously sweet!

Average price $7.99-$10.99

Not sure on the ALC% but it’s decent

9.) Culitos- Merlot

Great wine, decent alc, dry but tasty. Can’t go wrong with Culitos.

Average price $7.99-$10.99

Not sure on the ALC% but it’s 12 or more.

Happy wine tasting, Let me know if you found this helpful :)