Passionate people DON'T want a quick fix...


I happen to be born on Valentine's Day, I'm not sure if that plays a part in why I love so hard but I do. It's difficult being me lol... We live in a very cold world and our generation sadly doesn't give a fuck about no one but themselves so someone like me, a (lover) will get walked the fuck over. Most of us are mentally and emotionally messed up because of what people have done to us in the past. We get in these bogus ass relationships with people and go hard for them to end up looking stupid in the end. They stayed inconsistent, lied and cheated and the person after them the did the same. People want your loyalty, your time and devotion but DON'T WANT YOU. Wait, what...?Confused-Relationship-Quotes-Meme-Image-13

People that are passionate don't want a quick fuck like the rest of this generation. We want something REAL, something worth it. Most people who are truly passionate people, (and not just in the bed lol) are usually what you would call an old soul.


First off, real love is like an endangered species... HARD TO FIND. People out here just LYING straight up to yo face. And the ones that do claim to love you/have loved you probably don't even know what real love is to even be able to offer it to you.

Someone with an old soul is in tuned, conscious, loving, caring and passionate about it. They are tasteful in good music, they are deep thinkers and communicators, they know how to make you feel loved. We don't desire relationships that lack substance, we crave connections, intimacy and want something that will ideally last a lifetime. The reason most relationships don't work out is because there's not many of us left. Majority of this generation wants to skip the difficult stuff and get right to the point, which is SEX. I bet if guys could skip taking you out to wine and dine you they would, but they don't because they try to establish some sort of trust with you so you can actually sleep with them after the fact...

Someone tweeted the reason this generation complains about bad sex is because the majority of people are lacking connections and passion! THAT'S WHY YOUR SEX IS WACK. NOSUBSTANCE. I think that's why people like my parents and their generation got to experience REAL LOVE. They fed off of REAL connections. They didn't have cell phones and social media and the list of other distractions we have today. They got to know each other face to face, and outside of that, the only other way to communicate was a home landline. Every minute was spent getting to REALLY know the other person organically.

Sooo many people these days just want to fuck and keep it moving, especially men. No one wants to invest and devote time to just ONE person it seems like, everyone is in it for the moment.


Truthfully, I'd rather pass. A good time is great, but what else? What happens after the great euphoria of emotions while with you?

Look, I don't even want to be bothered with it... I'm too old for it and more times out of none it's just a waste of time or simply "A good time."

Passionate people just want the real deal, real love, and real authenticity. I desire a love like in the 90's, those were some passionate people, foreal...


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