Pay the price to live the life: Mia Banks Pt1


I'm nervous as fuck sitting in this lobby, I've only been waiting about 5 minutes but shit, it felt like 20. Every man that walked past me stared and every one of them was white. They looked struck when they saw me as if they've never seen a black girl around these parts, lol I could tell they were feeling me though. Many looked and smiled at me but there was one that really caught my attention. He was older, early-mid 40's but fine. He got off the elevator with a briefcase in one hand and coffee in the other, he was tall, olive complexion and had slick back salt and pepper hair, I even peeped the Rolex too, he obviously had money and he was looking right... He walked towards me never taking his eyes off of me opening the double glassed doors. Just before he passed me, he threw me a smooth ass smile and said "Good morning." I low key got hot but kept calm smiled back, and told him Good morning as well. In that moment he gave me a sense of calmness, I'm not sure why but I wasn't nervous anymore, I was ready to kill this interview. The front desk phone was ringing off the hook, every time the receptionist put it down she picked it right back up.

"Hello, good afternoon and thank you for calling Moretti Global Financial, Sabrina speaking how may I help you?

Ok, no problem he actually just walked in! I'll transfer you right over, one moment."

She hung up the phone picked up a file and called my name. "Mia Banks?"

I grabbed my briefcase and stood up,

"Yes that's me"

"Hi! I'm Sabrina, you're here for the 9:00 interview with Christian correct ?"


"Ok, great follow me, I believe he is ready to see you."

I follow her and she punches in a code to get through the door that leads us to a long aisle where we enter a big space that has a cubical type set up. She points to the left and says

"Here is where our financial analysts and bankers work. This is where you will be stationed upon hire. And over here to your right are our senior analyst, FP&A managers, Controllers, Treasurers and at the end is our CEO John Moretti, you'll probably be introduced to him after the interview process."

She waves at the man who's on the phone letting him know she's coming in, he puts up his finger as in one moment then hangs up the phone shortly after. Sabrina opens up the glass door and says

"Hey Good morning Christian! This is Mia Banks, she's here interviewing for the Financial analysts position."

"Hi Mia, how are you doing?"

We shake hands and Sabrina puts the file on his desk and leaves us.

"Hi I'm doing well thank you, how are you?"

"I'm great! Please, have a seat.

As you can see it's a little busy in here, were having guest visitors today and conducting interviews so it's a little more hectic than usual. But ok, let's get to it. So your applying for the Financial analysts position is that right?"

He opens my file and begins looking at my resume, his expression looks as though he is impressed. I mean he should be I did graduate from Stanford University with a Masters in finance and a 4.0 GPA. As one of the few black women in my graduate class I'm proud of my achievements because I know I worked my ass off and then some to get where I'm at today.

"Ok, great I see that you graduated from Stanford, one of my buddies graduated from there as well, and you have a 4.0 GPA, very nice. So tell me a little about your work experience in the field."

I begin telling him about my shitty ass experience at GTR Financial making it all sound real good. I hated that place but I told him I loved it of course. I was always the girl that everybody liked but hated on because I was pretty, intelligent and BLACK. Working in corporate America is difficult because I consistently have to prove myself as if I'm not good enough when in reality I might actually be overqualified.

That's exactly what I experienced at GTR Financial, everybody just tolerated me, no one really wanted me there and I knew it. Plus, for the amount of work I was doing it didn't match the salary they were offering me, I was getting paid 45k a year when I should have been getting at least 50-55k but that's a different story...

Me and Christian continue our interview and I can already tell that I got this job in the bag. Their was 1 other girl and a guy waiting in the lobby to be seen but I could tell just by how our interview was going that I already took what they wanted.

"Well you seem like a very lovely, intelligent lady Mia, I think we have a spot for you here at Moretti Global, I would be happy to welcome you on board, our starting salary is 55k but with your experience and education I think we can bump that up to 65k, how does that sound to you?"

"Wow ! Thank you so much for this opportunity, I would be happy to be apart of Moretti Global. $65k sounds wonderful to me! That's more than I was expecting, but very pleasing to know my education and experience is acknowledged, thank you so much."

He smiles, stands up and shakes my hand,

"OK then! Welcome to the Moretti Family Mia, we are glad to have you, you'll love it here. One second while I page John, he's our CEO, he'd love to meet and go over everything with you, one second."

"Hey John, it's Christian, I just finished Interviewing a wonderful Mia Banks"

He picks up my resume and looks at me smiling as he goes over the details with John.

"Yes, yes, I actually just hired her , ok no problem I'll send her over now."

As he hangs up the phone he grabs my file, looks at his watch and says

"Great, perfect timing, ok Ms.Banks follow me this way."

I get up grab my things and we head over to John Moretti's office.

I can feel everyone looking at me, my hair is long and flowing as I strut in these 600$ Christian Louboutin pumps June, my fiancé brought me. My face is calmly beat and I'm glowing. Everyone has their eyes on me, as we approach the office where I'll be meeting with the CEO, I catch eyes with a familiar face, It's him...