Pay the price to live the life: Mia Banks Pt2


Turns out that fine ass man from the elevator who couldn't take his eyes off me is the CEO of this company. That Rolex was just a taste of the kind of money he had to be rolling in, this was a Fortune 500 company worth millions! I was engaged to June but I couldn't help to fantasize...I mean he was my type. Older, handsome, well dressed, tasteful and WEALTHY. As I walk into his office he is all smiles, he has the demeanor of a boss and a gentleman, reminding me of an Italian version of Denzel Washington. He adjusted his suit smiled and stood up reaching out his hand saying

"Hello, Ms. Mia, what a pleasure to meet you."

We shook hands and I greeted him saying

"Hi, Mr. Moretti, what a pleasure to meet you as well."

"Please, call me John, have a seat, Mia."

Christian puts my file down on John's desk and says

"Alright John, I'm headed back to my office, I'm going to get started on this presentation for Loman & sacks, they should be here around 1."

"Ok great, make sure everyone on the floor is ready, I want to see clean workspaces and production, no b.s. And make sure Sabrina called Bottega Louie's for those pastries I put in for."

"Got it, John, see ya in a bit, and nice meeting with you Mia, I'll see you soon."

Christian leaves and me and John are left alone.

He doesn't even open up my file to look over my credentials or anything before he says

"I knew you had what it takes when I first saw you out there in the lobby. You have an amazing aura and confidence about you, Mia. You're exactly what this company needs, someone confident and fearless. Where are you originally from?"

I'm flattered by his comment but at the least I expected it. I just knew from the way he was looking at me in the lobby that he was intrigued by me. I feel that everywhere I go though. Not to sound cocky but I'm beautiful and I know it. I'm 5'5 slender but thick in the areas that matter... my hair is long and all of it is REAL. I'm soft spoken but at the same time an assertive boss when I need to be. I'm educated, classy, sweet and loyal. I'm confident to say I'm any man's dream.

I laugh softly as if I am flattered by his comment but also In a way letting him know I am keeping it professional.

"Wow, thank you Mr.Moretti..."

"Please, call me John."

Jokingly I say

"Yes, sorry! John... Thank you for the compliments, I am honored to be apart of this company! This job is something I've been passionate and determined about obtaining since college. And to answer your second question I am originally from Glendale, CA, born and raised."

"Oh ok, great you're just outside of L.A, your commute should be fairly easy to get to and from the office then, perfect! I'm out in Santa Monica my trip isn't as desirable as yours but I'm here...." *He smiles*

After getting acquainted with my new boss, he lets me know what my schedule will be. I start next week Monday at 8 am -4pm and my work week ends on Friday at 2pm. This was a dream! I felt wanted at Moretti Global but not needed like at GTR Financial, they worked my ass till 7, sometimes 8 at night! This job was offering me a better salary with fewer hours, and great benefits, I was all in.

John's phone starts ringing...

"John speaking.

Sure, I'm in the middle of an interview but I'll be down in a second to meet with him, set him up in the main conference room. Ok, thanks, Sabrina."

He hangs up the phone and says to me

"Hey Mia, I actually have to get going I have a meeting with a client that just arrived."

He looks at his $17,000 watch checking the time and says

"He's actually here a little bit earlier than expected. With that being said, I'm going to get going but it was lovely meeting you Ms. Mia and I look forward to working with you. You should be getting a call from Christian or Sabrina in the next few days to go over some and sign some paperwork."

He stands up and walks over to the front of his desk and sits at the edge right in front of me...

"Mia, I know you are just coming on board but I would love for you to come out to our company party tonight. We're celebrating 15 years of business and the success of our new client. The party, or celebration rather will be tonight at one of Christian's rental homes in Malibu and I would love to see you there."

I think to myself this sounds great, but I'm skeptical because I just got hired today, I barely know these people but I do want to go out and have a good time because I've been stressed with my last job and it's been a while since I've been out to enjoy myself. Shit, this might be a perfect time to get to know everyone as well...I accept his invite.

He smiles at me while standing up to shake my hand.

"Ok, Mia, I'll see you there. Before you leave, stop at the front desk and ask Sabrina for the details, she'll provide you with the address. I have to get going Mia, it was a pleasure meeting you again."

I thank him, stand up and get ready to make my way out of his office, before I even reach for the door he steps in front of me and says

"I'll get that for you."

"Thank you, John, take care."

"You as well Mia"

I stop at the front desk to get the details for the company celebration and head to the elevator. As I'm walking in, I hear

"Hold it please !"

I press open and the women walks in.

I glance over at her and it's same women that was waiting in the lobby with me... she looked agitated and upset. Once the elevator door closed she said

"You know, I was qualified for that position and they didn't even consider me... *sighs*

"If I didn't get chosen I wonder who did... "

She glances over at me cutting her eyes.

I say nothing and smile.

I walk out of the elevator, through the glasses doors heels hitting the concrete hard as I walk to my Mercedes. As I'm getting in I get a call through the Bluetooth. It's June...