Pay the price to live the life: Mia Banks Pt3


I place my Valentino purse on the passenger's seat put my seatbelt on and answer the call as I drive out of the parking lot. I hear June's deep sexy voice through my car speakers... "Hey baby, how'd everything go!?"

"It went great babe I got the job!"

"Wow!! Congratulations Mia baby I knew you were going to kill that shit! What time are you coming home? Do you want to go out to dinner tonight and celebrate ?"

"Umm that sounds really good baby but I actually got invited to this company party/ celebration and I'm thinking I'm going to go to that...I already told my boss I would."

"Oh really? Already??? You just got hired and you're already going to company parties?"

"Ummm yeah, the CEO invited me and I figured it would be nice if I could get to know everyone you know."

"Ohhh ok, well where is it and what time does it start ?"

"The celebration is out in Malibu and it starts at 6pm."

"Oh ok, aright baby well since your going out I think I'll go kick it with Dev and the guys, he's having a little get together at his place, the Cavs are playing tonight."

"Oh really? Ok cool that works then, I won't be out too late, I'm just going to introduce myself have a drink or two and come home. I should be back the latest 8-9 pm ok?"

"Alright baby, I'm still on duty so I'll see you when I get home from Dev's, I love you."

"I love you more June, later."

As I'm driving home all I can think about is taking these heels off and getting back in my king size bed. It's still early, around 10:45 am so I have nothing better to do but sleep until this party.

Fifteen minutes later I pull into the driveway of my two-story home. I pull down my visor pushing the button to open up the garage. I grab my purse, my keys and my water bottle then shut the car off closing my door, behind me the garage closes and I enter the house from inside the garage. It's so nice and cool in the house, I don't step a foot more before I kick off my heels. I punch in the code to enable the security system and walk upstairs with my purse and heels in hand to my master bedroom.

Once I get in my bedroom I remove my blazer start unbuttoning my blouse than my bra and my pencil skirt. I walk to my master bathroom in panties putting my interview clothes in a hamper. I sit on the toilet pulling my hair back and out of my face, hunch over and start checking my messages and emails.

After I'm done I wash and dry my hands put my iPhone on the charger and get cozy underneath my white satin sheets for a nap...

Hours later I wake up to my cell phone buzzing on my nightstand, it's a text from June.

It reads:

"Hey, baby I'm just getting off duty and headed to Dev's Wyd?"

I respond

"Ok babe, how was work?

I'm just getting up from a nap about to get ready for this company celebration. Tell Dev I said Hey."

I check the time and it's 4:23 pm.

Damn, I better start getting ready...

I go search for something simple to wear, I don't want to overdo it tonight. In my walk-in closet, I find a cute black spaghetti strapped dress that's fitted and reaches my calf's, I pair that with my black and yellow Jimmy Choo's, they are the perfect pair, and just the right amount of color to make my outfit pop. I lay my outfit down on the bed and hop in the shower.

I'm dressed and ready to go and before I start the car I text June and let him know I'm heading out. I'm kind of nervous but ready to get my drink on.

I pull up to Christian's rental home and DAMN. This place gotta be worth a mill or two... this man even has a valet waiting to park my car... ok Christian, I see you...

As the valet is walking to open my door I grab my YSL clutch and do a quick check in the mirror... hair is laid in a middle part, face is on glow and my lipstick is bomb, I'm good. He greets me, offers his hand to assist me out of my Mercedes and takes my keys. I strut towards the front door along his long curved walkway making my way to entrance in my 6 inch Jimmy Choos. I smile and nod at the rich looking men alongside me in their suits with a drink in hand as they stare me down from head to toe, I'm feeling myself.

The first person I see is Sabrina. She seems so happy to see me even though she barely knows me...She might already be buzzed.

"HEY, MIA! Wonderful to see you here! Congratulations!"

"Hi, Sabrina! Thank you so much! How's the party?"

"Good so far, we have a few more people coming in, but follow me, I'll introduce you to everyone that's here."

"Hey guys, quick announcement, we have a new employee on board her name is Mia please welcome her!"

*Crowd of people collectively say *

"Hi, Mia!!!!!!"

I'm blushing at this point and so happy that everyone has given me this warm welcome, we all know how things were at GTR Financial ...

Sabrina hugs me and as a waiter walks by she grabs a glass of champagne for me.

I'm mingling and talking with my new co-workers when I feel a touch to my lower back...

I turn around and it's John.

I'm flustered by his inappropriate touch and firmly tell him

"Please don't. I'm engaged, John."

He snaps back and says

"Oh ! I'm sorry Mia, I didn't mean that in any way..."

I think to myself, I'm sure you didn' must have missed this big ass 4 Caret diamond ring on my left finger huh?

I shake it off, I don't want to make a scene in front of all of my new co-workers, but I know when I get home I'm telling June though...

He clears his throat and changes the subject.

"Hey Mia, let me show you around while Christian entertains, we have this amazing view from the patio."

I look around and hesitantly follow him. We walk out of the main room up a spiral staircase down a long hall that is decorated with expensive paintings and art deco, we enter a room and he opens the double French doors to the patio and wow, the view is breathtaking. Me and John share a quick convo...

"You know when I got back to my office I went over your resume, you are very intelligent Mia, I mean you graduated from one of the best universities in California with a 4.0 gpa. You have the education and the experience to definitely fulfill your job duties and more, you might actually be overqualified with your credentials Mia."

"Thank you, John. My parents always valued the importance of my education, my mother and father worked especially hard to pay for my schooling. The best way I felt I could repay them was by making sure I did my part, and that was walking across that stage with my degree."

"I just love your ambition."

Laughingly I say

"Thank you, John."

"Don't get offended Mia but... how old are you?"

"29, why do you ask?"

"Well because you're very mature and self-driven, you're not like a lot of women I know your age. You carry yourself with such grace and confidence, that's what I love, excuse me, like about you the most..."

The both of us take a sip of our champagne finishing what's left.

"So you're engaged, is that right Ms. Mia..."

"Yes, yes I am."

I stretch my hand out admiring my rock June brought me.

"Me and my June, my fiancé have been engaged for 1 year, we're still figuring out the date, and yourself ?"

*John chuckles*

"Well, I'm married. I have been for the last 18 years, and I have 2 boys, 8 and 10."

Me and John continue our conversation and he tells me about how he started Moretti Global. A few minutes later we are interrupted by Christian. He tells us to come into the main room so we can toast celebrating Moretti Global's success.

At the toast, I glance across the room and I see someone I recognize, or at least I think I do... she was the only other black woman besides myself so she definitely caught my attention. I took a sip of champagne and looked away pondering on where I could have known her from, nothing came to me...

After the toast, the music gets a little louder and people are getting a little bit tipsier, the party is starting to come alive. I feel a little tipsy myself, I'm on my third glass.

I tap Sabrina and ask her where the restroom was so I could clean up. On my way to the bathroom, I hear a woman saying frantically.

"No, no please, please"

I stop in my tracks thinking, Am I actually hearing this?

I keep walking.

There it goes again.

"Please stop, please. No!!"

I want to help but I don't get involved, that's none of my business...

As I'm walking down the hallway through the crack of a door I see Christian, John and a few women and men sniffing coke off a glass table.

I think what the fuck kind of celebration is this???

Nah I'm out.

Once I find the bathroom I text June and tell him what's going on and that I'll be coming home early. I use the bathroom, do a quick hair and lip check then applying some more MAC lipstick. As I'm walking out of the bathroom down the hall towards the main area I hear people arguing and a woman screaming from the same room where the woman earlier was pleading.

"Ahhhhh omg!!!!!"

Then I hear a women yell

"Call 911! She's gonna bleed to death!!!"

I walk up to the half-open doorway and stand there shook! I'm a little buzzed thinking, what in the actual fuck did I get myself into and what the hell is going on???

I look up and see Christian jogging down the long hallway of his rental mansion towards me saying

"Guys! What the fuck!??"

He barges into a room and I follow, John is in there as well. I peek in and see a woman lying on the floor legs bent arms spread out and blood profusely gushing from her head. I look around the room and sure enough, there was coke on the nightstand. There was also blood dripping from the corner of the nightstand as well, I think to myself... this woman must have been in here getting raped.

John notices me looking, he grabs my arm pulls me into the room closes and locks the door. In the room is the unconscious black woman, the white man that I assumed tried to rape her, me, John, Sabrina, and Christian. Everyone is scared, everyone is confused and everyone is silent.

John speaks first. In a low but stern voice, he says

"Scott what the fuck did you do man??

"I didn't do anything! Me and Bianca were just having a little fun!"

"FUN?? You call this FUN??? SHE'S FUCKN DEAD SCOTT"

Christian is sweating and in a shaky voice he says

"Ok everyone calm down, let's check her pulse first to see if she's breathing"

Sabrina steps over the body and places two fingers on her wrist. She stands up and looks and everyone.

"She's dead."

John puts his head down in disappointment and shock, he stands up boldly and looses up his tie.

"Clean it up."

John looks at Scott and gets real close and personal

"I don't know what the fuck you did but you fucked up Scott. Get your shit together and clean this up."

John walks over to me saying softly and apologetically

"Mia I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry you've witnessed this but I need you to promise me that what happens here, stays here. Can you do that ?"

I stand there shook over that woman's dead bloody body. I don't have much to say, I'm too in shock. There are so many thoughts running through my mind at once ... As I'm looking at this woman it hits me... I know her...

John taps me saying

"Mia! Hello, did you hear me? Did you hear what I said ??"...