Pay the price to live the life: Mia Banks Pt4


As John is talking to me my mind is racing, and at that moment I realize that Bianca was my study partner back in my sophomore year at Stanford. She was a nice girl but me and her had two different lives, I was into my books and she was into the boys, we just never hit it off... But damn, as I'm looking at her bloody dead body lay there on the floor I feel saddened because I did know her...

I come back to reality answering John

"I gotta go..."

I turn around to open the door and leave quickly wiping my face taking a deep breath so that when I walk into the main room passing everyone I don't draw attention to myself, I need to get out of here FAST.

As I'm walking down the hallway in my 6 inch Jimmy Choo's I hear John say

"Mia! Wait! Please don't leave"

I turn around and he is jogging towards me trying to catch up to me. As he approaches he stops me grabbing my arm breathing heavily saying

"Mia, please. Please don't leave. Just let me talk to you, Just hear me out."

I pull my arm out of his hands giving him a cold stare turn around and continue walking.

As I'm walking out I'm praying that no one stops me trying to conversate with me because I need to leave ASAP.

I make it out the party and as I'm walking towards the valet I see two men talking smoking a cigarette along Christian's walkway and I think to myself, fuck, I hope they don't say anything to me...

I go in my YSL clutch looking for my phone so that way I'd look busy avoiding eye contact. As I'm passing the two men I hear one say

"Hey, you're leaving already?"

At that moment I'm seriously annoyed but I reply with a friendly tone

"Yes, the party was great but I have matters to attend to. I smile and say

"Enjoy the rest of your evening"

I get to the valet and I say sternly

"Please pull my car up. It's the black Mercedes."

"Ok no problem ma'am, I'll have someone pull your car around right away."

"Thank you."

As I wait alongside the curb for my car I check my phone for any messages or calls. I see that June replied to the message I sent him when I was in the bathroom. He replied

"Coke bae? What the fuck kind of company party is that? I thought it was professional? I don't want you there baby, come home. Call me when you're on your way."

I see headlights approaching and it's the valet pulling my car up. I'm so relieved...

I thank him then get in, punch in my address on the GPS and head home. Once I hit the freeway I call up June through the Bluetooth.


"Hey, baby, you on your way home?"

"Yeah, the GPS says I'll get there by 8:45 pm. Are you still at Dev's?

"Yeah, I am bae. Do you want me to come home?"

"Yeah that would be nice, I miss you, babe"

"I miss you more Mia baby. The game is almost over we're in the 4th quarter, after that I'll be on my way ok?"

"Alright June, I love you."

"I love you more Mia"

The phone hangs up and I turn on some music to soothe my nerves. I get to thinking and I can't believe I just witnessed a murder. I can't believe the job I've been waiting for is out the window, I worked so hard to get an interview with them and I didn't even officially get to start my first day yet.Ugh...

I finally make it home and as soon as I get upstairs I take my clothes off and put them in a plastic bag, this shit is basically evidence.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them but for now, I go in my master bedroom and run a hot bath... I soak for 20 or so minutes dry off and get in my bed naked. As soon as my head hits the pillow I'm out, I feel drained and pressured on my next move. What am I going to do for work? Is going back to Moretti Global even an option? Will I be an accessory to murder? Do I tell June? All of the overthinking puts me to sleep.

I wake up to June's soft lips on my forehead...

"Hey baby"

In a sleepy voice, I say

"Hey babe"

I have one eye open as I watch his fine ass get undressed from his uniform. He throws his keys, wallet, and phone on the nightstand and says to me

"You ok baby?"

"Yeah I'm fine, just a little tired is all, are you coming to bed ?"

"Yeah I just wanna shower first"

"Ok, I'll be waiting"

He comes over and kisses me again

"I'll be right back"

Now that I'm up I can't go back to sleep, as June showers I just stare at the ceiling visualizing what happened tonight. I can't fuckn believe that I witnessed a murder! I can't believe Bianca is dead! In my head, I play out how I'm going to tell June when he comes out the shower... where do I even begin???

A short while after June comes out the shower with his towel wrapped around his waist. I admire his dark smooth skin, his huge biceps and his chiseled abs. I look at him in awe, I just love my man.

June removes his towel and comes in the bed naked with me, I smile giving him a look that I want him, I'm already warm...

He comes close stroking his hands through my long black hair and kisses me on my lips. At that moment I feel so protected and loved I almost begin to forget about my worries, I sink into him coming closer underneath him. He looks at me and says

"So do you want to tell me what happened baby?"

I look at him quickly pondering on my answer and hesitantly say