Pay the price to live the life: Mia Banks Pt5


I don't know what to say to my fiancé, the man I love, the man I've known for the last 6 years... I never keep anything from June but right now that thought is actively passing through my mind. I feel like I should tell him, he needs to know... but on the other hand, I also feel like I should keep my mouth shut and keep him out of it. I know how June is. He's going to blow this whole thing up, go searching after people, looking into databases, he won't quit until he gets to the bottom of it, especially being that I am involved. He will want to protect me at all cost and I just can't have him get in the middle of this...

I reply hesitantly

"Ummm....well it was a decent party, I just wasn't expecting my new boss to be sniffing coke with his employees. Shit was weird..."

"Yeah, that is... But I feel like the higher you get in corporate America the more wild shit gets. They probably do that shit on the regular bae"

"Yeah, I'm not sure, but I am thinking about quitting."


"Yeah babe, I don't think I'll fit in well at Moretti Global... I feel...out of place ..."

"Really? I mean I understand but don't let this affect you bae, you've been waiting for this position to come through since forever. I definitely understand where you're coming from but just wait for your first day and see how things go, I know how bad you wanted this, I just don't want to see you lose out on a great opportunity baby."

June grabs my hand and kisses me on my cheek.

I look back at him replying

"Yeah, you're right babe, I just don't know... I'm gonna think about it. I mean, I have time. My first day doesn't officially start until Monday anyway, I have the whole weekend."

"Ok Mia, come here"

I come closer to June kissing him on his neck as he caresses my thigh. Then flipping me over with his strong hands down my spine kissing me all the way down my body...

I needed this ...

After good but short sex me and June fall asleep...7 hours later I wake up to the sound of his alarm clock. He reaches over grabbing his phone off the night stand disabling the alarm. He stretches, sits up and checks his phone for messages. With one eye open, I see him putting his phone to his ear, in a sleepy voice I ask...

"Who are you calling ?"

He doesn't reply

I look at him trying to figure out anything by his expression... nothing.

He puts the phone down ending the voice mail and says

"Chief left me a message, he said there was a homicide, I gotta go bae, I'm late"

In a concerned and hesitant voice, I say

"Oh really? Where at?"

" I'm not sure but I gotta get ready bae, Chief wanted me in hours ago. I should have turned my ringer on, fuck"

He gets out of bed and quickly heads to the bathroom to get ready for his shift

While he uses the bathroom he says

"I hope I'm not in shit when I get to work, I don't need anything in the way of this promotion, hopefully, Chief doesn't hold me for this."

He flushes the toilet and turns on the faucet.

I reply to him

"I think you'll be fine baby, I'm sure they have plenty other officers they could have called to fill in for you. I mean you weren't even on duty"

As he is putting on his uniform he says

"Yeah I hear you bae but I'm always on call and if they need me I got to go."

He continues dressing buttoning his shirt and putting on his badge. He grabs his Glock 19 and puts it in his holster. Making his way to my side of the bed, he kisses me on the forehead and says softly

" I'll see you later Mia, I love you."

"Ok babe, I love you too. Have a good day."

"Shit I forgot to pack your lunch"

In a rush, he grabs his phone, wallet, and keys to his truck and says

" It's ok baby, I gotta go, I'll pick something up"

He walks out the door to our bedroom and says

"I'll call you, later bae"

I lay there still naked under my sheets thinking about what June said. Is this homicide he's about to go to the crime scene where I witnessed Bianca's murder???

Yo, what the fuck?!

I get out of my bed to use the bathroom then brush my teeth and wash my face. I come back to my bed and sit on the edge checking my notifications. I see that Yasmin texted me at 11:02 pm. The message reads

"Hey, girl! I'm late I know, I got caught up with work but How did the interview go with Moretti Global ??"

I read the message shaking my head in disappointment because she doesn't even know the half...

I ponder on what I'm going to say to her because I don't want to say one thing and then have to retract it later.

I read the text and lock my phone. I can't decide on an answer right now. I mean she is my best friend since junior year of high school and she knows damn near EVERYTHING about me, but I can't tell her what happened last night. I don't think I can tell anyone...

It's still early in the morning 6:10 to be exact. It's not much for me to do considering it's Saturday so I go downstairs in the kitchen to fix me a bowl of cereal and go in my living room and put on the morning news while I eat.

I finish my cereal and get cozy on my white leather sectional under a blanket and turn on a movie. I start to get sleepy again and fall right back to sleep on my couch. I wake up to a knock on my door... confused and disoriented I wake up and think, who could this be?

I get up and grab my robe from my half bathroom and say loudly

" I'll be right there !"

I get my robe on and slippers and go answer the door.

I open it to see Yasmin.

Excitedly and happily she says

"Hey, girl!!!"

I reply in a sleepy but upbeat voice

"Hey, girl ! What are you doing here ??? Come on in"

I close the door and Yasmin says

"Girl I haven't heard from you or seen you in forever, how are you? Is June here ?"

"Girl its only been 3 days and no he's on duty"

We both laugh and head to my kitchen. Yasmin pulls out the barstool taking a seat at my granite island placing her Louis Vuitton purse on the seat next to her and removing her shades.

"I know but I figured I stop by before me and Dev head out to Vegas."

As I'm boiling a pot of water for some coffee I say

"Oh that's right, I forgot Y'all were going to Vegas, do you want some coffee?"

"Um, sure, do you have my fave?"

"You know I do! June surprisingly picked up the right one this time"

We both laugh as I grab my Caramel macchiato creamer out of the fridge, neither of us can have our coffee without our signature creamer.

"Soooo, did you get the job ??? She says sarcastically "Because I didn't get the memo.. is that your phone ringing?"

I walk into my living room and pick my phone off of my glass coffee table. I see that I got a missed call, it's Moretti Global... I play the voicemail and it's John.