Pay the price to live the life: Mia Banks Pt6


I look at my phone confused deciding if I'm going to press play. To be honest, I'm completely turned off with John, I can't believe he wants me to lie for him and cover up Bianca's murder. The interesting part about all of this is that he doesn't know I KNOW HER which makes it all the more difficult. I peek into the kitchen from the living room to see what Yasmin is doing and she's on her phone minding her business. I go ahead and play the voicemail... "Hey, good afternoon Mia, um, I'm just calling to see how you are doing... I need you to stop by the office to complete some paperwork as well... there are a few documents here I need your signature on. I'll be in the office until 2pm, about another hour and a half or so... alright Mia... I look forward to your call... take care."

I end the voicemail putting my phone in the pocket of my robe and head back to the kitchen to finish making my coffee for me and Yasmin. As I enter the kitchen she asks

"Hey is everything ok?"

"Yeah, everything is fine"

I walk to the stove removing the teapot as Yasmin says

"Really, are you sure? You don't seem ok? Who was that; that called?"

I grab two mugs out the cabinet and as I'm pouring our coffee I reply

"Oh it was just my job"

"Ohhhh so you did get the job!?"

Laughingly I say

"Yeah... I got offered a position for a financial advisor with decent pay considering GTR Financial but I'm just not sure if I'm going to accept their offer"

"Wait. Let me get this straight. The job you've been wanting SINCE college is now up for consideration? I thought this is what you wanted Mia?"

As I reflect on what Yasmin is saying I can't help but agree. Moretti Global is an opportunity that most college grads would die for. It's a reputable company, with great pay, benefits, and room for growth. Plus the idea of having Moretti Global on your resume is golden, any employer would be beyond impressed that you even got in the door, yeah it's like that... as I sip my coffee I reply

"Well yeah it is what I wanted, I mean I still do want it. It's just..."

I place my coffee down taking a deep breath rubbing my head. Yasmin looks at me confused and concerned saying

"Girl, what's wrong? What's up with you? You don't seem like yourself "

I sigh looking exhausted and say

"I don't wanna talk about it. What's up with you though? Are you ready for..."

Yasmin stands up and walks around the island to me taking the coffee out of my hand looking me in the eye and says

"Girl, me and you have been friends for what, 8 years now? I know when something is wrong with you"

She takes my hand guiding me into the living room and we have a seat on my sofa. In a concerned voice, Yasmin says

"So what's really going on with you Mia?"

I sigh running my fingers through my hair pulling it back thinking to myself whether or not I want to go this route, once I tell her it's over, it's no taking it back. In a stern voice I say

"Yasmin, you cannot say anything to anyone, PROMISE me you won't"

Yasmin gives me with a sarcastic look cutting her eyes implying she won't.

"OF COURSE NOT MIA, COME ON, IT'S ME GIRL! After all we been through you really have to say that??? When your mom found out you were pregnant I didn't say a word to anybody and you know how close my mom is with your mom. She asked me over and over and I never said a WORD. Girl come on, seriously?!"

"Yeah you're right girl, but this time is different..."

"Well, Mia I'm waiting ..."


I lean my head back looking up at the ceiling and take a deep breath as I raise my head back up.

"So I got offered the position on the spot by the HR manager and then got introduced to the CEO who then spoke with me and invited me to their company party to celebrate 15 years of business and their new client. So anyway, I accepted his invite and went last night... the party seemed cool but they were in there sniffing coke and shit and that's not my scene so I told June I was going to leave. As I'm walking out the bathroom I hear yelling and shit and I passed a room and see a girl bleeding out on the floor"


I shake my head and reply

"Yeah, I think she was getting raped by some dude that was at the party as I was walking to the bathroom I heard someone saying Please, no, stop, please. When I was making my way back from the bathroom I heard the yelling and seen her bloody unconscious body on the floor."

"FUCK MIA! Yo, this is crazy !!!? I hope you got the fuck out of there quick fast"

"Girl yeah, it's fuckn crazy because my CEO was basically begging me not to say shit. What's fucked up is I know the girl too"


"Remember my study partner from Stanford? Brown skin petite girl? She used to do hair on the side? Matter fact, I think I referred her to you to do your hair that night you and Dev went out for your birthday"

"GIRL NOOOO!!! You talking about Bianca???!"


"Oh my god"

Yasmin looks at me in disbelief and says

"Wow, I can't fuckn believe that! And all of this happened at the company party?? Only one day into you being hired with Moretti Global??! What the fuck are you gonna do Mia? Did you tell June??? Shit... "

"I didn't even get to start my first day girl. And I'm scared to tell June to be honest with you; you know he's gonna bug out"

"Yeah that's true but damn, what the fuck are you gonna do? Are you gonna go back to Moretti Global???"

" I don't know girl, I'm still thinking honestly"

My phone buzzes in the pocket of my robe, I take it out checking the notification. It's a text from an unknown number. The message reads

"Hey Mia, it's John, when you get a chance give me a call at the office"

"Yasmin it's him!"

"Who ???"

"John, my CEO! He just text messaged me from his cell"

"Well, what the fuck does he want?!"

"He wants me to go to the office, he called me earlier too. He said he was leaving around 2"

"Well, are you gonna go???"

"Should I ?"

"You damn right! Go figure out what the hell is going on Mia, you don't wanna talk over the phone about this anyway. Look girl go get dressed and take your ass down there and see what's going on, this is serious. I'm gonna get going, let me know what happens alright?"

"Yasmin gets up off the couch and heads into the kitchen to grab her things, as she walks out the door she says

" love you girl, call me later "

I yell from the couch

"Alright girl! Love you too!"

I sit there on the couch taking it all in before I run upstairs taking my robe off and taking a hot quick shower. When I'm done I get dressed in a grey velour jogging suit grab my purse, phone and keys and head out.

I pull up to Moretti Global and park, it's only a few cars parked considering it is Saturday. I get out my Mercedes and walk towards the entrance. I walk into the lobby and press the elevator to the 45th floor. Once I get upstairs I see a woman that is not Sabrina at the receptions desk...

" Hi welcome to Moretti Global, how can I help you?"

Confused I say

"Um hi, I'm here... "

I hear a door open and as I glance over I see John standing there holding the door open. John is dressed down in a polo rugby and sweatpants still wearing his $17,000 Rolex.

"Hi, Mia. Chelsea, it's ok she's has an appointment with me."

"Ok no problem"

Chelsea smiles

I look at John giving a fake smile and walk through the doors.

John is silent and so am I. As we walk through the empty call center towards his office I feel my phone vibrating... I open my purse grab my phone to check who's's June.