Pay the price to live the life : Mia Banks Pt 7


I look at my phone as June is calling waiting for it to stop ringing. John says "Are you gonna get that ?"

"Um no, I'll return the call when I leave. So you said I had some papers for me to sign ?"

My mind is running a mile a minute, what if June is calling because that homicide was Bianca's murder??? What the fuck do I say to June? He knows I was there, he'll be mad as fuck if he realizes I didn't tell him. Now that I'm thinking... I should have just told him when I had the chance.

John opens the clear glass door to his office extending his hand for me to walk in

"After you Mia"

I have a seat placing my Louis Vuitton tote on the chair next to me and wait for John to get to the point. He pulls out his fancy leather office chair and takes a seat making direct eye contact with me. He says

"You know Mia from the first time I met you I..."

Frustrated and impatiently I say

"John look, get to the point, because honestly right now I'm not even sure I want to continue working for Moretti Global."

John leans forward looking at me desperately

"Mia, I can understand that you are traumatized and overwhelmed by this all..."

Sternly and agitated I say

"I knew her John. "

John gets up assertively out of his office chair and walks over to me sitting at the edge of his desk. Confused he replies

"What??? What do you mean you knew her??? From where exactly Mia ?"

Overwhelmed and drained I shake my taking a deep breath. I reply

"College. Me and Bianca we're study partners"

John stands up and replies

"Fuck! So this whole time you knew who she was ??? "

"It wasn't until after the fact I realized..."

"Fuck. Excuse my language Mia I just can't believe you knew her. This makes the situation a whole lot messier, goddamit."

John shakes his head looking out the window which displays the city of LA. Closing his eyes he takes a deep breath in and out then walks back over to his desk. For a moment it almost seemed like John tapped out like he almost had forgotten I was there, I could tell he was in a deep thought. I guess he was trying to figure out what he was gonna do next now that he knew I knew Bianca...

Tensely John says while shuffling through papers,

"So Mia, I understand at this point you may be completely turned off with the idea of working for Moretti Global but I can assure you nothing like this will ever happen again. If you're worried about this situation blowing up don't be, I have it under control. You won't be in harm's way what's so ever, you have my word. I just want to know that I can trust you. Can I trust you, Mia?"

As John is talking to me I'm just thinking to myself, what the actual fuck am I doing here? I should be home cleaning and cooking waiting for June to get off duty but here I am talking to this fool... something switches in my head and I instantly feel a strike of confidence, the inner boss in me is saying...


Abruptly and assertive I say

"I want 100k per year and 50k in cash."

John looks shocked as he swivels in his chair toying with his pen he chuckles at my request.

" Normally I'd laugh at this type of request and kick you out of my office but I like you Mia, a lot."

"So is that a yes or a no?"

John chuckles again getting out of the chair and sits at the edge of his desk looking firm in his body language. His polo tee is loose as his shoulders hang with his hands folded resting on his legs, his pinky ring and Cuban link bracelet give him the aura of a boss.

"Why not right? You've been through enough and you haven't even started you're first day yet. I think that's the least I can do"

John gets up and walks around to his desk grabbing what looks like a checkbook. I'm thinking, shit, I should have asked for more...

He looks at me with his charming eyes as he writes out my check. I sit there like the boss I am feeling and looking unbothered. I have a ton of shit to be stressed about but right now money isn't one of them.

John rips off the check and walks in front of me extending his arm. I take the Check looking at the amount and I see he wrote it out for $250,000.

I'm speechless.

I clear my throat and say to John

"Umm, this Check is for $250 k John..."

Sarcastically and laughingly John replies

"Yes, I know Mia. Are you not happy with that amount?"

"It's more than enough John, thank you."

"Great, when you come to work Monday you will not be a financial advisor, I want you to oversee that department, congratulations you are our new Finance account manager."

I can't even hide my emotions, I'm overly excited. I smile at John and graciously thank him. He fucked up big time but he just put the cherry on top with this one. Damn, I can't even be mad anymore.

Nah, who the fuck am I kidding, I'm pissed. The money is what's saving his ass...

I stand up and thank John again. Seriously and sternly I say to John looking him dead in his eyes

"Don't fuck me over, I'll end you, John."

He laughs as if he doesn't take me seriously and says

"Look, Mia, I am a very powerful man and that's all you need to know. I won't let anything come back to you, that's a guarantee"

I feel my phone buzzing in my purse.

"I should go, we'll be in touch."

I grab my Louis Vuitton purse and place the check in my bag and walk out of John's office. I look at my phone and it's June calling again. I answer


"Mia, I called you earlier, I wanted to make sure you were home to get my package. What are you up to over there? Are you home?"

I press the elevator to go downstairs and reply to June saying

"Umm no babe, I'm actually just leaving Moretti Global?"

"Really?? On a Saturday? What are you doing there?"

I get in the elevator and press "lobby" and the elevator doors close.

"Yeah babe, I had some paperwork I forgot to sign. But let me call you when I get in the car I'm in the elevator."

"Ok Mia"

I hang up and stand there feeling relieved. I pull out the check John wrote me and just stare at it cheesing. I say softly


I begin thinking of all the things I could do with $250 thousand, invest? Trade? Open up shop? Throw some towards the mortgage, I mean shit I got options.

The elevator doors open and I head to my Mercedes calling June.

"Hey babe, I'm back"

"Hey baby"

"How's work going ?"

I start the car and pull out of the parking lot.

"I mean it's ok I'm not really doing shit. I'm sitting in my car now waiting on a call"

"Oh ok, what time will you be home tonight ?"

"Umm probably 7 or so"

"Ok. Tonight I'm making Chicken Parm"

"Yess I've been waiting for you to make that, you know that's my favorite"

I laugh and reply

"I know June."

I see another call coming through, it's Yasmin.

"Babe let me call you when I get in, it's Yasmin."

"Ok, love you, Mia"

"Love you more June."

I hang up and go to answer Yasmin's call but I quickly change my mind and let it keep ringing.

I drive home thinking about scenarios in my head and how I would explain all this money to June. He's bound to find out at some point...

A few minutes later I pull up into my driveway and park. Once I get settled I start doing my Saturday cleaning. After three hours of off and on cleaning I am finally done. I'm exhausted but I still need to cook June's dinner. I take a breather checking my phone then hop in the shower so I'm fresh and clean for June, tonight I want some dick.

It's around 6:30 pm now so I start getting dinner prepared. I whip up June's favorite just before he comes home. I hear the door open and June throws his keys on the island.

"Hey baby"

June grabs me by my waist kissing me on my cheek.

"Hey June"

I put down the pan of chicken that just came out the oven and walk over to June kissing him on his soft lips and neck. He grabs my waist unraveling my silk robe, I pull all of my long black hair to one side and in a teasing voice I say

"Not yet baby, let's eat dinner first"

"You are dinner"

We both laugh and he gets up and says

"Alright bae, let me take a quick shower, I'll be right back"


June leaves and I finish up dinner thinking about how spicy tonight is about to be. I'm in a damn good mood, maybe it's because I'm $250,000 richer. I grab a bottle and pour me up a half glass of brandy.

10 or so minutes go by and I don't hear the water run. I continue sipping while scrolling through Facebook.

I hear June come down the stairs, I put my glass down and walk towards him slightly buzzed. He's naked with a towel covering his package. I caress his abs and stand on my tippy toes reaching for his lips again.

He pushes me away uninterested in me.

Confused I say

"What's wrong babe?"

June's body language is stern and firm. He backs up looking at me disappointed.

"So we keeping secrets now ?"