Pay the price to live the life: Mia Banks Pt 8


Confused and slightly buzzed I say "June what are you talking about ?"

"Mia, don't fuckn lie to me where'd you get $250,000 from?"

Hesitantly I reply

"I got a promotion..."

June takes a seat at the island looking at me with a serious face and stern demeanor.

"Sooo you're trying to tell me you got a promotion without even starting your first day yet?! How the fuck does that work, Mia? Are you fuckn your boss or something? Because this doesn't make no kind of sense. WHY WOULD YOUR BOSS GIVE YOU $250 k???"

I stand there in shock trying to understand how he even found the check in the first place. I thought I put it back in my purse, I must have left it out by accident... I don't know what to say to June and I don't want to lie to him again...

I have a seat across from him at the island.

"I need to tell you something June... "

"Mia, answer my question. Are you fuckn him"?

"JUNE NO! Let me explain...

That night I went to the company party in Malibu there was a murder my boss ..."

June stands up and says

"WHAT? A murder Mia??!"

"Yeah June, a girl sounded like she was being raped, I had walked from the bathroom back to the main room then heard yelling. I saw the woman laying there bleeding from the head unconscious..."

June sits back down looking stressed

"So you didn't get hurt in the process at all right? You're ok?"

"Yes June"

I walk closer to him leaning in for a hug. He pushes me away and says

"I'm not in the mood Mia. How could you lie to me about something like this? I still don't even know the rest of this story. How'd you get the money?"

"My boss tried to get me to keep quiet because I knew the girl that was murdered. In return, I told him I wanted $150k."

"So if you asked for $150k why is the check written out for $250k then? Does he like you?"


"Mia, don't fuckn lie. Does he like you yes or no."


June gets up abruptly and walks upstairs. I stand there disappointed in myself that I lied to my fiancé. I begin to think of how I can fix this...

I take another shot of brandy.

That fast June comes back downstairs to my surprise, only this time he is fully dressed and has his gym bag over his shoulder.

"June, baby where are you going?"

He ignores me and grabs the keys to his truck off the island. As he walks to the front door I run behind him stopping him from opening the door.

"What Mia?"

"June please don't leave. Let's just talk about this, let me explain."

"I'm not interested in talking to you right now, there's no way I can start to believe anything you say. I'll call you later or something, watch out "

I grab June's hand and beg him not to leave

"June, please! Please don't do this! Where are you going to stay??? June just let me explain please!"

"I said I'll talk to you later"

June closes the door and I stand there lost. I can't believe he left...

I go grab my phone to call up Yasmin, I need to vent to my girl right now.

I sip some of my drink as the phone rings then I hear her bubbly ass voicemail.

"Hi! You've reached Yasmin Wright, I'm busy at the ..."

I hang up pissed off and go sit on the sofa finishing my drink. I find the remote and flick through the T.V guide looking for something I can get lost in. I want to forget about my problems for a second. I find a movie that puts me to sleep...

6 hours later I wake up disoriented still feeling overwhelmed by everything.

I grab my phone eagerly looking to see if I got a call or text from June.


As I head to the kitchen for some water I realize that I left the food out I cooked last night.


The way I'm feeling right now I just want to leave this shit here and go back to sleep. I dump the food out then put the water back in the fridge and go upstairs to my bedroom.

June left a complete mess up here, theres clothes everywhere.

I really don't feel like cleaning up his mess right now but I do it anyway. As I pick up his dirty work pants I notice something falls out.

It's a piece of balled up paper.

I open it up and see that it's a receipt for $700.00 at the Hilton. The date is for last Tuesday and the purchase time is 1:23 pm.

Looks like I'm not the only one who's lying...

I run downstairs hot as hell looking for my phone so I can call June and see what this is all about. I'm already thinking the worst, I just hope it's not true...

I dial his number and on the second ring I hang it up. I decide I'm going to save this one for later, two can play that game...

My phone vibrates and it's Yasmin.

Her message reads:

"Hey girl, sorry I didn't answer last night I was laid up with Dev, you know how that goes, what you up too?"

" Lol I figured that! I was just calling to chat, see what you were doing. Come over today for brunch?"

After I text Yasmin back I text June.

"Hey June, please call me so we can talk"

I have no intentions on talking about the receipt I found. I'm more concerned about him keeping his mouth shut because if he tells anyone I could be in some shit, this can't leak and he can't go doing police searching.

Hours pass by and I still don't hear from June, I'm worried about him but I keep calm waiting for his call because I know I fucked up bad. I don't hear back from Yasmin either and I'm kind of glad I didn't because I'm enjoying this time being alone. So much is on my mind right now. I witnessed a murder, accepted hush money, lied to my fiance, found out that he may be cheating on me and have to start Moretti Global TOMORROW!

I'm stressed and don't feel like cooking myself something to eat, I head to the kitchen and pull out the menu for some Chinese take-out.

"Hi I'd like to place an order for delivery, my address is 7140 Oakwood drive..."

After placing my order I go back on the sofa to relax until my food gets here. I go check my phone for a text from June and still nothing...

25 minutes later my food arrives and I eat it all considering I didn't eat since yesterday afternoon...I clean up my mess and go upstairs to take a shower, I need to start getting ready for my first day of work...

A hot shower was just what I needed to soothe me, I get in my bed with just my panties on and fall right to sleep...

8 hours later my alarm goes off, time to get up for work... Aggravated that I've made this decision I get out my bed and get dressed, there's no looking back now.

As I drive to Moretti Global I begin to think of what I'm walking into, how will John and Christan react to seeing me for the first time after the murder in the workplace? Will it be awkward? Will I find out what happened to Bianca's body? Does Sabrina still work there or did she mysteriously disappear?

I take a sip of my coffee while walking into the building... I reach the 45th floor and as I walk out of the elevator to my surprise I see Sabrina...

"Hi, good morning Mia"

Confused and curiously I say

"Hey, Sabrina"

We both look at each other confused but we are clearly on the same page. We give each other a fake smile and keep it moving. The energy is off and I can sense Sabrina is fearful, she's not as bubbly as she usually is. I mean she did witness a murder only a few days ago... is it that or could she have possibly been threatened to keep quiet?

She buzzes me through the door to enter the office and as I walk in the first person I see is Christan. Confused he says

"Mia? Hi, what are you doing here?..."