Pay the price to live the life: Mia Banks Pt 9


Confused and embarrassed I say "It's my first day, I'm supposed to start today. I thought you knew that Christian."

"Umm... I'll be right back I need to talk to John."

I watch Christian walk away as I stand there looking confused...

Sabrina is walking towards me with files in her hand, she stops and says to me

"Hey, Mia! Good Morning! Are you ready to start your first day of work?"

"Hi Sabrina, Yes, I'm ready! Um, can you tell me where my office is?"

I stand in the call center waiting eagerly for Sabrina to direct me to my office so I can have a seat because I am juggling my coffee in one hand files and my briefcase in another.

"Your office?"

"Uh yes, I was hired as the Finacial manager"

"Oh really? I was under the impression you were hired for the Finacial analyst position. Well if that's' the case we only have one empty office left where our last Finacial manager Katie was stationed. Follow me."

We pass many offices then Christians office, then mine.

Sabrina opens the glass door to my new office and I instantly fall in love. It's perfect, spacious and bright with a big glass table holding ample space for work and pleasure.

"Thank you, Sabrina, I appreciate it."

"No problem, let me know if you need anything"

"Thanks again Sabrina"

I put my things down on top of my desk and walk toward the window admiring the city I'm from. LA looks so different 45 stories high. Looking out the window I take in the view thinking about all that I have stressing me out including this job. I inhale then exhale releasing it all... I hear a gentle knock on the door.

"Hey, Mia! Good Morning and welcome!"

"Hey John, thank you!"

"Why don't you have a seat"

I grab my belongings from off of my desk and sit down while I talk to John. It's weird being on the other side of the desk...

"So Christian asked me what was I doing here when I walked in... what's that about?"

"Yeah, that's actually what I wanted to talk to you about Mia... Don't mind Christian... he's a little...nervous after all that's happened. Don't worry I talked to him."

"Well, what exactly transpired between you two for him to say that to me? Did you guys discuss letting me go or something?"

John chuckles and then says

"Mia, no. Look, you have nothing to worry about as I said before. I have to get going though, I have a conference call with a client overseas in 10 minutes. Page me, Christian or Sabrina, if you need anything ok? And by the way, our extensions are on the file cabinet. Today you can start getting familiar with our clients and taking a look at the reports. I'll be back in an hour or two to help you from there and introduce you to everyone alright?"

"Great, sounds good."

John smiles giving me a head nod and leaves my office.

I take a breather while leaning back in my office chair

"Time to get to work..."

I get up placing my purse above my file cabinet in an overhead cubby and begin to arrange my files.

After making my desk somewhat comfortable, I log on to the computer with my credentials and begin familiarizing myself with Moretti Global's clientele through the database.

As I'm doing my work I feel someone staring at me, it's a young blonde woman probably in her mid-twenties. We make eye contact and just as I am about to smile she turns her head abruptly. I think to my self... well that was weird...

Thirty minutes go by and it's time for a bathroom break. I walk out of my office and head to the restroom which is outside of the call center. I strut down the long hallway in my black Louboutin's and neatly fitting black Donna Karen blazer and knee-high pencil skirt. My long black hair is lightly curled today giving it a slight wave effect, my deep red lipstick make everything come together, today I'm feeling good considering everything that's going on...

I'm getting plenty of looks and stares. I bet everyone is wanting to know why I have my own office...

I come out of the call center and reach the women's restroom. I walk in and do a quick look in the mirror and then go into the stall.

After I'm done, I flush and come out to wash my hands. I hear someone else flush the toilet and a woman comes out...

It's the same woman from earlier I made eye contact with...

I look over and smile saying

"Hello, how are you?"

She glances over at me and I feel some built up animosity in her energy, she responds to me but I can tell she didn't want to...

Uninterested she replies

"Hi. I'm fine."

I shut off the water after washing my hands and grab a paper towel, she follows me grabbing some for her self as well.

I extend my hand to her replying

"I'm Mia."

She shakes my hand and says

"I'm Ashley."

"Nice to meet you, Ashley, today's my first day, I'm the new Finacial..."

Ashley cuts me off finishing my sentence with sarcasm

"Yes, I know, you're the new Financial manager..."

Confused by her response I jokingly say

"Yes, yes I am."

She looks at me with anger and envy. I'm not sure why because I've never met this woman a day in my life, she throws her paper towel in the trash and walks out of the bathroom without saying anything else.

After she leaves I fix my hair and re-apply some of my Mac lipstick, I think back to the company party out in Malibu and try to remember if she was there or not. Maybe something transpired that I don't necessarily remember...

I walk out of the restroom and back to my office swiping my badge to get into the call center. Once I get to my office I go into my purse and see that I got a text message from June. The message reads

"Hey, Mia. I was thinking I'd come by the house tonight so we can talk."


I've been waiting for June to message me back ever since he left... I reply back saying

"Hey, June, Ok great, I'll be home after 5, I miss you."

"I miss you too, see you then."

I'm so happy that June messaged me saying that he wanted to talk, now I can finally speak my peace and convince him to forgive me. Hopefully, this will end well because I still want some dick...

In the middle of me fantasizing about my man my job phone rings suddenly.


"Hey, Mia. It's John, are you ready for me to introduce you to everyone?"

"Uh yeah. I'll come over to your office."

"Ok great."

We hang up and I put my cell phone back in my purse and walk out my office towards John's office. I knock gently then smile and say


"There's the beautiful Mia Banks, are you ready to make your grand entrance?"

We both laugh and I reply


There's a knock on John's door and it's Ashley...

"Hey, John!"

Ashley invites herself in and says to John

"We never got a chance to talk, are you busy?"

John looks at Ashley then looks at me confused because clearly, he is busy...

John replies to Ashley and says laughingly

"Yes I am Ashley, I'll grab you after I'm done introducing Mia to everyone."

She touches John's shoulder looking seductive and says softly

"Ok, I'll be waiting..."

Once she leaves I give John a look as if "that's your business" and walk out of his office, he follows...

Sabrina notifies everyone that's on a call to go on break after because John will be making an announcement.

"Good morning everyone! I will only take a minute of your time, I just wanted you all to give a warm welcome to our new Finacial manager, Ms. Mia Banks!"

Everyone claps and I proceed to give a short speech introducing myself.

After, I thank John and head to my office to get back to work. Two hours into me doing consistent computer work I get a knock on the door to my office.

It's her. Again...