Pay the price to live the life: Mia Banks Pt 11 (MID SERIES FINALE)


After shuffling through my draw I find that balled up recipient from the hotel... I walk over to June still naked with a look on my face that could kill. I hand him the paper not saying a word.

He un crumbles it looking confused and worried that I've found out.

"What the fuck is this June? So you out here cheating on me???"

June pulls his head down in disappointment. He breathes heavily and in remorse, he looks at me and says

"Mia, baby, nothing happened. I promise you"

"So why the fuck where you at a hotel mid day? Why did you spend $700 dollars on a hotel June?!"

"Mia... nothing happened. I swear to you"


"Ugh... Mia please, calm down... let me explain"

I take a deep breath closing my eyes and In a more calm voice I say

"June... I'm running out of patience, tell me what the fuck is going on. Who is this woman and how did you meet her???"

"Ok... I was doing a traffic stop and I pulled over this car who had switched lanes without signaling...I walked up to the car and the woman started flirting with me..."

"And then what June? You went to go fuck her?!"

"No... She gave me her number..."

"So you didn't tell her that you were engaged???"

"I did, but she didn't give a fuck, she told me to hit her up when I was free. I was gonna throw out her number but I kept it... and... I end up messaging her"


In disbelief I get out of the bed and start pacing around my bedroom, I can't believe June right now... I can't believe he could take it that far with another woman. Just the thought of him talking to, rather sleeping with someone else hurts like fuck.

June is sitting at the edge of the bed looking pathetic. He can't even save himself right now.

I muster up some balls and continue to ask more questions, I need to know.

"So what else happened?"


I messaged her and the next day and we linked up, she insisted we go to a hotel... she just kept throwing herself at me...I should have never hit her up from the jump..."

"You think??? Fuckn asshole...What else June?"

I begin looking for some clothes to put on because now I don't feel too comfortable being butt naked while having this conversation.

"I got the hotel, we went upstairs and she started kissing me, unbuckling my pants and I just pushed her off. I couldn't do it. You were all I could think about it that moment, I visioned you walking down the aisle in all white looking beautiful as ever... I just couldn't do it... I'm sorry Mia"

I'm dressed in my college tee shirt and some shorts with my hair still in a high ponytail. I'm standing behind my dresser with my arms folded looking at June in disgust.

He walks over to me looking me dead in my eyes and says

"I'm telling the truth, Mia, you gotta believe me. I would never do that to you"

"Oh really?! And how the fuck am I supposed to believe you? You're full of shit. You can go back to where ever you came from, I don't want you here"

I leave the bedroom and go downstairs to prepare myself some dinner. I hear June's footsteps following behind me.

"Mia! Mia look, I'm sorry ok, I don't know what I was thinking...I... I love you with all my heart. You're the only woman I want to spend the rest of my life with"


"Mia... please don't do this"

"June, leave."

"Fine. I'll leave, I'll give you some space..."

June walks back upstairs and I search for something to cook for dinner.

Now that he's out of my sight I release all that I've been feeling over these past few days... the tears just start flowing down my face and I can't help but let it all out. I'm so tired of this bullshit, so much is going on at once, I can't fuckn take it! I feel like I want to pack a bag and go! I wipe my tears and go sit on the sofa. I don't even have an appetite anymore...

A few minutes later June comes downstairs and says

"I'm sorry Mia, I love you..."

My legs are folded as I sit on the couch bottled up in emotion. I feel empty as June speaks. I respond unenthusiastic and emotionless


I never make eye contact with June, I hear him walk away and then the door closes.

On the couch is where I spend the rest of my evening. I lay there in confusion, disbelief, and shock. My life is falling apart...

15 minutes later as I'm cuddled under my throw blanket watching a movie my phone rings, it's Yasmin.


"Hey girl what's up?"

"Nothing much I'm laying on the sofa relaxing, can I call you later?"

"After you tell me why June is here, what happened Mia?"

"Wait June is there?"

"Yeah, he just walked in a few minutes ago. He has a couple bags with him. He's in the living room talking to Dev now"

I'm relieved that June went to Dev's because now I don't have to worry about him...

"Oh ok. Well, we had got into it. I really don't feel too good Yasmin so I'm gonna call you tomorrow alright?"

"Ok girl, feel better, love you"

"Love you too, later"


I put my phone back on the coffee table and drift into a nap...

I wake up to my alarm clock. Sleepy and confused I shut it off with one eye open and close my eyes again to go back to sleep...

I pop back up suddenly and realize that's my alarm clock for work!

I can't believe I slept through the whole night on the sofa... groggy and still very sleepy I head upstairs for a quick shower and get dressed, I'm ready by 7:25 am.

There's a decent amount of traffic on the freeway but I still make it in time for work by 7:55 am. Once I reach the 45th floor I walk past the receptionist desk and don't see any sign of Sabrina...

Maybe she's running late... I swipe my badge to enter the call center passing Christians empty office and then get to mines. Once I settle in, I realize there is a stack of files on my desk with a note attached.

"Please attach paperwork to appropriate client and forward to system.


There has to be at least 15 clients here... already overwhelmed I take a deep breath clearing my desk and organizing my files in alphabetical order.

3o minutes later I see Christian and John walk in giving me a hello through the glass as they pass by.

I smile continuing my work because I truly don't want to be bothered. Hopefully John will let me go home early again today...

It's around 11:30 am now and I'm halfway through finishing up these clients... I've worked up an appetite and since I didn't cook last night I'm thinking I'll order take out. I grab my purse out of my cubby and look for something local to order on my phone. I come across this Thai spot downtown that has a great lunch special... I order the spicy chicken Pad Thai.

The person who took my order said the food should arrive in the next 45 minutes, I take a break from work and get up to run to the restroom. As soon as I come out of my office I make eye contact with Ashley again. I look and look away as if I don't even know her...John is in the middle of the call center talking to an employee and we make eye contact as well. He looks at me with those charming eyes and gives me the smoothest wink...

I blush putting my head down and make my way to the restroom...

I can't lie, today John is looking fine... I mean he always looks fine but today, he looks damn good, maybe it's the suit he has on, that deep blue really brings out the color in his eyes along with the combination of his salt and pepper hair... I have to quickly change my thoughts because I find myself getting lost in them...

Once I come back into the call center I realize that there is still no sign of Sabrina, curious I stop by Johns office to ask him her whereabouts.

Gently I knock on his office door and he smiles inviting me in...

"Hellooo Miss Mia, looking lovely as always, how are you?"

I have a seat crossing my legs looking him right in his deep blue eyes. My hair is pulled back in a low bun today exposing my diamond earrings June brought me. I'm wearing a white blouse over a black pinstriped blazer with matching pants and stilettos.

Smiling I say

"Hey John, I'm well, how are you?"

"I'm good as well Mia. How are you liking your new office so far?"

"Everything is great, it's the perfect amount of space and the view is amazing. Thank you, John"

John lights up as I express that I am satisfied as if he is happy that I am happy.

"I'm really happy to hear that Mia, honestly. How are you doing with familiarizing yourself with our clients?"

"I'm doing well with everything, Christian has left me some files on my desk that I'm working on now"

"Ok great great"

There is an awkward moment of silence and John is just staring at me. I laugh and say


John chuckles and says I'm sorry for staring but you are so beautiful, Mia"

Blushingly I laugh and reply

"Thank you, John"

"No problem Mia. If you don't mind me asking do you have any plans tonight? Why don't you come out for dinner with me"

"Umm, I'm not sure about that John..."

"Ok, no problem, I'll let you get back to work then. Page me if there's anything you need"

"Ok, by the way, have you heard from Sabrina? I haven't seen her at all today."

"No actually, I haven't received a call from her either saying that she was calling out. I'll page Christian and ask him to look into it for me"

"That's weird, I hope everything is ok..."

As I'm making my way out of John's office a woman is making her way in. She has long brown hair that is slightly wavy with blonde highlights a mix of hazel and green eyes with a slim build. She is smiling at me holding onto a little boys hand that looks about 2 years old.

"No Jax, come here!"

The little boy gets loose of the woman's hand and tries to run off. She grabs him before he gets too far and picks him up holding him on her waist.

I smile extending the door to let her and the boy in and say


"Hello! How are you? I don't believe we've met before, I'm Emma"...