Pay the price to live the life: Mia Banks Pt 12 (MID SERIES FINALE)


I shake the women's hand and glance over at John's reaction. My instant thought is that this has to be his wife. John gets up from his seat rather quickly looking overwhelmed that I and his wife are in the same room, at the same time. Emma walks over to John looking pleased to see him.

"Hey Hunny, how are you?"

John leans in to give his wife a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey Em, I'm good, how'd Jax's appointment go?"

Jax reaches for his dad.

"Hey, Jax! I see you got your shots!"

"Did he cry Em?"

"Nope! He looked as though he was about to but I was talking to him while the nurse gave him his shot"

"Ahh that's my boy"

John picks up his son giving him a kiss on the forehead.

"How rude of me. Mia, this is my wife Emma. Emma, this is Mia"

I give a playful laugh and say

"It's ok John, hi Mrs. Moretti, I'm Mia Banks"

Me and John's wife shake hands.

"Lovely to meet you, Mia Banks. Are you a new hire?"

"Yes, I officially started Monday as Finacial manager"

"Oh, lovely! Well it's great to have you, Mia"

I smile at Mrs. Moretti and reply

"Thank you so much! Well, it was nice meeting you, Mrs. Moretti. I should get back to work, I have a ton of paperwork to catch up on"

"Lovely meeting you as well!"

I smile and begin to make my way out of John's office when I see Ashley heading my way...

Just before I leave John's wife says to me

"What a lovely fragrance you are wearing Mia, is that Vera Wang?"

"Oh thank you! It's actually Dolce and Gabbana, one of my favorites"

"Oh! Well it smells great either way"

"Thank you! Take care"

As I open the door Ashley is coming in, my energy has instantly shifted by the site of this woman. I think to myself that quickly... Why is she coming in John's office? Can't she see that he is with his family? What could she possibly need???

My guess is she's just being fuckn nosey...

"Hello, Mia..."

I look at her saying nothing. All I have to offer is a fake ass smile that I'd rather not give either...

I walk out heading back to my office.

Mia goes into her office to finish up her work. John, Emma and Ashley engage in a conversation.

"Ashley is everything ok? How can I help you?"

"Hi John, I was just wondering if..."

Emma turns around acknowledging someone's presence and notices a familiar face...

"Excuse me, what are you still doing here? I thought you were going to fire her John?"

"What??? John, you're firing me???"

"Look, everybody calm down. Ashley, this isn't the right time for this conversation, I'm with my family, I'll grab you later. Please get back to work"

Ashley's face turns red displaying that she is upset and embarrassed at John's response. She looks at John then Emma and walks out abruptly. After Ashley leaves Emma says

"John... explain to me why Ashley is still employed here after I told you to fire her"

"Em, I didn't get around to it yet..."

"John, it's been 2 months"

John looks aggravated that Emma is questioning him. He walks over to his desk to have a seat and says after a deep breath.

"Last time I checked I was the CEO... I know how to do my job Em..."

"And the last time I checked I was your wife, does that mean anything to you?"

"Alright Em, I'll handle it. Let me finish my job, please..."

John picks up Jax in the middle of him running around and says

"Hey bud, I love you, I'll see you at home"

Emma takes Jax from John and says in a stern voice

"Take care of it, John..."

Emma walks out of the office as John sits reclined in his office chair. He shakes his head in annoyance with his wife and what just transpired. John pages Christan on the company phone...

"Hey, John, what's up?

"Christian, have you seen Sabrina at all today?"

"Uh- no actually. Is she a no- call no -show?"

"Yeah I believe so, I assume she would have called by now, it's after 12"

"yeah... I'll call her"

"Great, let me know if you hear from her"



My food arrives 15 minutes after I left Johns office, I dig in finishing my food in no time, I was extremely hungry and needed to recharge, I was fueled by coffee the entire time...

As I sit in my office taking a breather from work I think to myself...

Maybe I'll take John up on his offer tonight... I mean I'm not doing shit else, right? Plus June got me in a petty mood to do some petty shit... That's not even like me though, but it really hurt to know that my fiance' could go meet up with some random woman during a traffic stop, take her to a hotel to fuck her... really???

Just when you think you know a person...

Revisiting the whole situation just pisses me off again and I get to thinking about everything all at once.

Fuck it.

I pick up my work phone and page John...

"Mia, what can I do for you?"

"Hey, John... Um, I was wondering if that offer was still on the table for dinner tonight... Professional of course..."

John chuckles

"I was hoping you would change your mind, Mia... Absolutely. I have a spot in mind I think you will like. How's 8:30 sound?"

"That works"

"Great, meet me at the Ritz Carlton on Olympic Blvd"

"Ok, I'll see you then"

I hang up with John and smile, I'm just a tad bit excited that I'm going out, maybe it's because deep down inside I like John. I mean from the first time I saw him walk out the elevator I thought he was fine...I can fantasize, can't I?...He has a wife and I'm not a homewrecker but I do have a slight crush on him that I can't deny. I love everything about him really...His company, the way he talks, the way he walks, back straight, head high owning that boss persona. The way he dresses...

Ugh, he looks like GQ EVERY morning... His salt and pepper hair, his blue eyes... and he's RICH. What's not to like?

After fantasizing about John I get a buzz on my phone just as I'm about to get back to work. It's June...

The message reads

"I'm sorry Mia... Just know I love you deeply"

I look at the message and lock my phone not replying. For some reason, I don't believe June. This isn't the first time we've been down this road...

4:30 finally approaches and I leave work quickly, so quickly that I don't even clean my desk off. I leave papers and files scattered, I'll get to it tomorrow...

On my way home I figure I'll return Yasmin's call...


"Hey girl, wassup?"

"Nothing I'm still at work. I can't wait to go home, I stayed up all night packing. How you been though sis? You've been a little M.I.A over there..."

I laugh and say

"Yeah, I know girl... I gotta fill you in on everything..."

"Uh- yeahhhh"

We both laugh

"Well for starters, obviously I took the Job"

"Yeah, I see that went well..."

"Yeah, and me and June had a falling out... I found a receipt for $700 in his pocket from the Hilton during WORK HOURS"

"Girlllll you lying! June out here fuckn off??? Oh hell nah. If I would have known that I would have told Dev him staying over was a no-no"

"It's cool Yasmin, I'd rather him be at your house than wondering where he is..."

"Yeah, that's true. Well girl let me get back to work, we gotta link up before I leave for Vegas"


"Alright, I'll call you later"

"Ok girl"

I hang up the phone with Yasmin just as I am pulling up to my house, I got here pretty fast... maybe it was because I was on the phone...

I enter my home taking off my heels and walk upstairs to my Master bedroom. I lay down exhausted from my long work day and yesterday's emotional rollercoaster.

I'm in bed flipping between Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for about two hours... I check the time and realize that it's almost time for dinner with John...

In my walk-in closet, I find this beautiful dress I got from the Banana Republic last year. It's a Yellow v-neck that exposes a little of my cleavage and flares out at the bottom coming down to my calves. I pair this with a chunky clear pair of heels and match it with my tan clutch.

After my shower, I get dressed and put my hair half up half down giving it a curl. I'm ready...

It's 7:40 pm by the time I get in my Mercedes... I know exactly where he wants me to meet him so I don't bother with the GPS. As I pull out of my driveway I begin to realize that my car is driving a bit odd. My steering wheel is just turning on its own, I have no control over which direction I want my car to go. I pull back into the driveway realizing that something is wrong. I inspect the outside of my car and as I approach the passenger's side when I realize that my tire is flat.

"What the fuck? How did this happen???!


I go back in the house disappointed and go to call John...

"Wait... I don't have his number! Ughhhhh!"

I throw my phone on the couch, take my heels off and sit down hoping that maybe he will call me...

45 minutes pass while I sit on the sofa flicking through channels... my phone finally rings...

"Mia, hey, where are you? Changed your mind that fast?"

"Hey John, my tire caught a flat. I'm not sure how but..."

"Hey it's ok... we can do this another time. Unless you want me to pick you up from your home..."

"Uhhh- I guess that would be ok... my address is..."

I give John my address and he arrives rather quickly in about 15 minutes...

I come outside upon his arrival and he gets out opening the door to his Lamborghini for me, honestly, I'm flattered...

"Thank you, John"

In my head, I appreciate him being a gentleman but do not comment further...

"Wow Mia, you look... amazing"

I laugh playfully and say

"Thank you, John, I appreciate it. Sorry about the whole flat tire situation...I would have called you but I didn't have your cell"

John pulls off in his black Lamborghini and heads to the restaurant.

"It's fine Mia, really. I'm just glad you're here..."

John smiles at me and turns on some music at a low volume...

We pull up to the Ritz Carlton and the Valet takes John's car. We walk in and I am feeling like this crush I have on him just got deeper...

I see him for the first time out of his work clothes and it's a gift. He's dressed in a white button-up with two buttons that show just a tad bit of his skin... dark blue slacks that look perfectly tailored at the bottom and a Ferragamo belt. Tonight he switched Rolex's...

I fall into a deep fantasy about him for a second then coming back to reality when someone joins us in the elevator.

"Oh, what a lovely couple and you darling are gorgeous! That yellow dress suits you well"

Flattered by this older woman's comment I say

"Aww thank you Ma'am, but we are not a couple, he is my boss"

"Oh, I'm so sorry dear, forgive me"

I laugh and say

"No problem Ma'am"

"Why don't you mind your business, Susan"

"Oh shut it, Harold"

The couple goes at it as we get off the elevator and walk onto the 24th floor.

We are greeted by the hostess

"Hello good evening and welcome to WP24 by Wolfgang Puck. Table for two?"

John says


"Ok, right this way"

We follow the waiter and I notice once again I am the only black woman...

Oh no wait, I see an older black couple against the window... Ok, I may not be the only black woman here but everybody sure is looking my way.

John leans in and says to me softly...

"Wow, Mia, you sure are getting a lot of attention tonight"

I chuckle and say

"I know right... It must be this dress..."

"Here you are. Can I start you with a drink?"

The waiter puts down the menus and I open it to see the selection...

"I'll have your Saracco Moscato d'Asti"

"Ok, and for you sir?"

"Uh- I'll go with the Taittinger Brut"

Ok, great, and for your entree?"

"Uhhh- I'll have the...Broiled Japanese black cod"

"And for you sir?"

"I'll have the...Szechuan Style Prime Beef Tenderloin, medium rare please"

"Great, right away"

The waiter smiles taking the menus.

"I'm really glad you came out tonight Mia"

"My pleasure John..."

"I love the way you say my name"

I laugh in a sarcastic tone I say

"Oh is that so Mr. Moretti?"

John chuckles and looks at me flattered saying

"Yes, I'm actually serious. You have a lovely voice Mia"

The waiter comes back with our drinks...

"Here you are"

"Thank you..."

John takes a sip of his drink admiring me from across the table. I ask

"So, why did you ask me out?"

"Well... I like you, Mia... If you haven't already noticed that...."

"But you are married, John"

"And you are engaged but here we are..."

We both laugh looking at each other deeply... there's the awkwardness again...

John clears his throat then takes another sip of his drink and says...

"I'm sure you've heard this before Mia but your different and I like that, I've met quite a few women in my lifetime and have never come across anyone like you"

I look John dead in his eyes to see if I can sense the bullshit...

As I take a sip of my drink the waiter comes with our food...

Me and John have an intimate conversation to say the least...Full of laughter, and good energy. We have finished our meal and our drinks...everything was delicious.

At this point, we are three drinks in and slightly buzzed when John says to me

"Are you ready to go home, Mia?"

"Go home? Are we going together?"


John chuckles at my comment not taking me seriously...

"Well, I have to drop you back off..."

"Oh, that's right...I totally forgot I didn't drive here"

Me and John both laugh

I stand up and John grabs my hand to help me out of my seat...

Once we get downstairs John walks up to the valet and requests his car.

A minute or two later his tinted all -black Lambo pulls up. We get in and within minutes of him pulling off, he gets a call on his Bluetooth. His car says aloud through the speakers "Christian is calling, answer or decline?"

John says

"What does Christan want at this time of the night? It's almost 11?"

He answers...

In a frantic voice, Christian says

"John! Are you home??? We need to talk, NOW"

"Slow down Christan. What's going on?"

"It's Sabrina man..."

John takes Christan off of the Bluetooth because he doesn't want me to overhear their convo.

John says

"What happened? You got in touch with her?"

"Yeah man! She's talking about going to the police!"

"What?! Give me a sec, let me pull over..."

John parks and gets out to finish his convo privately...

John is outside pacing around while he conversates with Christian.

"What the fuck did she say?"

"I called her to ask her why she didn't show up and she didn't answer so I left her a voicemail and she called back. She got back to me and sounded like she was crying or something and I asked her what was wrong. She lost it, man. She said that she couldn't cover up a murder and act like it didn't happen. She's way too emotional John, she's gonna break and rat all of us out! What the fuck are we gonna do?"

"Make the call, I'm headed to my house now. Meet me there in 25 minutes"


John walks back to the car looking unbothered.

"Everything ok?"

"Yeah... everything's fine"

I can't tell if he's lying or not because his demeanor is so calm...

"Is Sabrina ok?"

"Yeah, she's fine. Christan was letting me know that she's resigning. She's having some medical issues with her family"

"Oh ok..."

"Did you enjoy yourself, Mia?"

I smile and say

"Yes, yes I did. Thank you for a wonderful evening John"

"My pleasure"

We pull up in front of my home and I say to John...

"Do you want to come in for a few?"

"Uh, not tonight. I actually have to get going Mia, it's getting late"

Insulted that he would pass up my invite I say casually

"Ok, see ya tomorrow"

John looks at me as if he's wanting a kiss goodnight...

I reach in and give him a soft, warm hug.

He is holding me in his arms and I'm loving every minute of it. He's so delicate with me yet I still feel his masculinity.

I pull back and make my way out his car.

"Goodnight Mia"

"Goodnight John"

John pulls off and I walk into my house straight upstairs to my bed. I'm tipsy and sleepy...

I peek out my blinds to see if I still see John out there...

To my surprise he is...but then quickly drives off...


In John's car, he dials Christan to check his whereabouts...Christian picks up and John says

"You there?"


"Ok, I'm pulling into the driveway, pull in behind Emma's Range"


John creeps upstairs in his mansion while his son and wife are asleep to change into something more...


Emma says from the bedroom as John is leaving...

"John? Is that you?"

"Yeah Em, go back to sleep"

"Where are you going? You just got here"

"I'll be back, I gotta handle business"

John closes the bedroom door and walks down his spiral staircase, he sees headlights pulling in, it's Christian.

John gets into the black Cadillac and is the passenger to Christan who is wearing all black as well.

Behind him his Sandro, Gorgio, and Vincenzo.

As Christian backs out the driveway, John turns around and shakes Sandro's hand

"How you been Boss?"