Evolution of the black woman


From being shackled, beaten, abused, raped, judged, discriminated against, forgotten about and treated less than worthy by society and our own men I can truly say I am proud of the evolution of black women.We've come so far as a culture but I am specifically proud of my ladies in owning our black girl magic. We are in fact just that, magical in every way. Strong, worthy, beautiful and divine.


No other race of women has accomplished what we have nor have endured the immense and ongoing struggle that we have. Black women all over have proven to society that we are capable and frankly, unstoppable.


I love the birth of "black girl magic" because I feel like it's a form of acceptance for women of color. A few years ago not as many women were embracing their skin tone, natural hair texture, and overall strengths.

I stopped perming my hair just a few years ago, back in 2014 to be exact and along my 4-year natural hair journey it has been difficult but I can honestly say I'm happy I did it. I'm happy I was able to break apart of the cycle that society has drilled into us creating this... normalization which is that your hair needs to be straight in order for it to be pretty and or acceptable.



Ideally, we have been marginalized and brainwashed into believing what is best for us from the very same people that have oppressed us over the years. And in the process stripping us of our identity.

I'm glad we got that back.

The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.

-Mohadesa Najumi

I'm glad we have evolved from hating ourselves to loving ourselves again.

I'm happy that we are beginning to become comfortable in our own skin owning who we truly are, unapologetically. 

I love the origination of "sis" because I feel that even though I may not know many of the people I call "sis" personally it's a form of unity and togetherness in our culture. Remember back in the day people used to say

"Alright, my brother" or "Have a good day sister"

I feel there is some sort of connection between our people when those phrases are said that creates a community of love within our culture and I'm happy that is coming back as well.

I noticed when I say "sis" to someone that I don't know it gives them a sense of ease as if

"she means well" which gives a calm energy during interactions or conversations. A lot of black women I've come across seem to be more open and friendly which creates that wholesome vibe I love. It's like...

"Yessss sis, I used coconut oil for my hair and I noticed it grew a lot"

"Ok I'm gonna try that thanks sis"

It's like an "I got you" type of thing and I love it.

The black woman has evolved in many, many ways but one I can appreciate is the need for self-sufficiency. A LOT OF BLACK women are SINGLE. Maybe by choice or maybe because dating in 2018 is HARD.

But what I do know is that the black woman is tired and isn't taking no shit.

We had ENOUGH.

We want a black man who can treat us right and fulfill our needs BUT we are not settling. We are focused on growing, glowing and these GOALS. We want clear skin, flourishing edges, and we want to achieve our dreams. Nothing cannot and will not stop us.

It's our time.

While the black woman may be the most looked down upon race in the world, we are still the most vital and influential part of society.


Without the black woman, you have a very....dull world that would lack soul and creative diversity.

The diversity of a black woman is so complex and that's what I love about being a black woman. From our features to our skin tone. You have many shades of black which are ALL BEAUTIFUL along with many different textures of hair that is versatile and can be done in many different hairstyles.


I can look one way today and another tomorrow, my options are endless.

When I was younger I used to feel ugly if I didn't have a perm because my hair would be "nappy" which wasn't "pretty" to me. Now that I am older and wiser I thank god that I've grown to love my natural hair and it's unique texture. My hair is thick, STRONG, healthy and beautiful.

Black woman have been through it all, and even despite our challenges as a whole we still have persevered through everything creating the best versions of ourselves. All while recovering from our traumatizing past experiences that can go back centuries, cultivating that into something extraordinary, groundbreaking and powerful to society.


We've advanced in education, skill, and gained positions of power that have allowed us to change the world around us.

In all, I am proud to be a strong black woman and I appreciate all the black woman who came before me paving a way for my freedom and my success, without those who fought for us and our right to be treated equally who knows where we would have been.

I and every other woman of color are the epitome of struggle, change, fear, uncertainty,and strength. We are the strongest and most powerful overlooked people in the world,

we are black girl magic.

hella black hella proud.

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