Pay the price to live the life Mia Banks Pt 13 (FINAL SERIES)


Sandro nods his head slowly insinuating that he is good. Sandro's voice is deep and scratchy. In a heavy Italian accent, he says

"Well. How are Emma and the children?"

"They are well sir"

Gorgio is sitting next to Sandro cutting up. He makes 4 lines on the square glass and sniffs it out of a hundred dollar bill. He sniffles and says

"Whew, that's some shit boss, yo, V you hitting this?"

"Hell yeah. Pass me that"

Gorgio laughs and Sandro passes it to Vincezno.

"Fuckkk, that is some shit, ahhh one more..."

V snorts one more line and passes it to John.

John cuts up two lines and hits it back to back.


John shakes his head as the feeling is sensational then wipes his nose. John cuts up a line for Christian and he snorts one line too.

G, you got a brick on you? I need that for later"

Gorgio laughs and says

"Yeah definitely, I got you, John"

Gorgio digs in his bag pulling out a kilo for John.

John sniffs and says

"Thanks, G"

Christian snorts one line.

John looks at Christian and says

"That's it? One more"

"I'm good,"

The rest of the car ride is quiet until the men arrive at their destination.

20 minutes later Christian pulls up to a 2 story apartment building on a suburbia block. Behind John and Christian, you can hear guns being racked. The men put on black ski masks to hide their identity.

John says aloud to the men in the vehicle

"She's on the second floor. Apartment #202"

John opens his door first and the men follow closing the door gently behind them so they are not heard.

Slowly but swiftly the men walk towards the building entering quietly masked up. Gorgio is leading the way and behind him is John then Christian, Sandro, and Vincenzo. They reach the top of the stairs and apartment 202 is just two doors down. Gorgio puts his ear to the door to see if he hears any activity from the other side.

It's quiet...

He nods his head to the men behind him noting that the coast is clear. Gorgio reaches in his pocket for the lockpick and unlocks the door within seconds. He peeks his head in looking around before the other men enter. The lights are off in this apartment and no one seems to be awake, that is if anyone is here...

Gorgio nods to the men that the coast is clear and they proceed to enter the apartment, Vincenzo is the last person to enter, he closes the door quietly and locks it behind him.

Straight ahead is the living room where there is a grey loveseat with decorative pillows and a blanket. In the center, there is a wooden coffee table that has plenty of magazines and there is also an empty wine glass. To the left is a small kitchen and straight ahead is a hallway. Gorgio signals that the bedroom is straight ahead, John and Vincenzo follow...Sandro and Christian remain in the kitchen and living room area.

Gorgio has a 9mm Black Baretta that has an attached suppressor on it in his hand. Slowly he approaches the woman sleeping in the bed. Gorgio tilts his head to the side and Vincenzo comes towards the woman while John looms from behind. Vincenzo grabs a pillow putting it quickly over the woman's face. You hear a quiet sound from the woman in the bed as she tries to grasp for her last breath, in that split second Vincenzo pumps one bullet into the woman's skull and removes the bloody pillow.

The blonde hair woman lays there lifeless with her eyes open and one bullet to her head. John reaches over the woman's body and closes her eyes. John signals Gorgio and Vincenzo and they start to roll the woman's body in the sheet. Sandro and Christian enter the bedroom where the murder took place and hand Vincenzo the plastic wrap to continue wrapping the woman's body properly.

Christian and Gorgio clean up the mess disinfecting any areas where blood could have splattered. Sandro and John watch the men work and whispers something in John's ear

"Where you gonna put the body? We can't just walk outta here carrying a fuckn body"

John looks at Sandro thinking about what he is saying and replies


John walks into the living room and pulls the rug that is underneath the coffee table and brings it into the bedroom.

Sandro sees that John is thinking quickly and efficiently and nods his head at him.

John hands the rug to Christian and nods his head at him as if he understands the order given.

The men wrap the young woman's body into the rug and the men begin to make there way out. John looks out the peephole making sure the coast is clear and then opens the door slowly. He peeks his head out looking both ways and signals to the men it is clear for them to proceed. Before Christian leaves, he takes the cell phone off the nightstand and puts it in his pocket.

He is the last one to leave the apartment and behind him, he closes the door. Vincenzo and Gorgio carry the body rolled in the rug to the Cadillac and John opens the trunk for the men to quickly store the body. The truck is already lined with plastic wrap so no evidence is left behind. Sandro enters the truck first and the rest of the men enter after placing the body in the trunk.

John looks around before getting in the car to see if he was seen by anyone, the block looks quite and he enters the passenger's side.

Christian gets back in the driver's seat and peels off quickly while removing his mask.

Once Christian's mask is off he takes a deep breath and says to John

"I'm glad that's over"

John takes off his mask as well and replies to Christian overwhelmed and exhausted

"She was fuckn trouble"

Sandro replies while laughing

"Not anymore"

20 minutes later Christian pulls up to a wooded area and the men get out.

The headlights to the Cadillac are pointing into the woods and the doors are all open.

Vinzenco and Giorgio pull out the body and carry it to the ditch that V already had dug earlier. Christian, John, and Sandro follow the men making sure things go smoothly keeping an eye out for danger. All the men have their guns on them as they proceed with caution to the ditch.

V and Giorgio dump the body wrapped into the ditch. Christian squirts lighter fluid over the body and lights a match.

The men stand over the ditch while the body and the evidence burns...

Sandro turns around from the body and lights a cigarette taking a few steps away from the others.

Gorgio pulls out a flask with bourbon in it and takes a few sips. John looks over noticing that he has alcohol and says

"What's in the flask?"

"Bourbon, you want a sip?"

John says nothing and walks over to Gorgio taking a few sips.

Sandro walks back over to the men and says

"Alright boys this ain't a fuckn camping trip, finish the job and let's go"

Giorgio and Christian put out the fire while V walks to the truck with his shovel.

Sandro walks over to John and says

"We could use you, John, I know you wanna do things the right way but I need you back in the biz. It's not the same without you ya know?"

Sandro coughs heavily and constantly after speaking to John.

"You alright boss?"

As Sandro clears his throat he says

"I'm as good as I'm gonna be"

Sandro is an older man in his mid 60's and smokes constantly. Over time he has developed throat cancer which is why he has a raspy, scratchy voice. Sandro continues coughing

"I thought you were gonna quit?"

"Ahh maybe one of these days, think about what I said though alright John"

"Yeah I'll think about it...I'll stop by the restaurant sometime this week for a sitdown"

As the men finish covering the body with dirt they walk towards the car to put the shovels away. Sandro and John walk to the car while still talking...

Christian starts the car and everyone gets in. The first place they stop is John's house.

When they pull into John's long driveway John turns around and shakes Sandro's hand nodding his head as he says

"Take care boss"

"Abbi cura di mio figlio ci mettermo in conatto"

Sandro holds both of his hands around John's and nods his head.

John looks over at Christian and says

"See you at the office"

Grabbing his kilo out the glove compartment.

John exits the car and heads into his mansion.

Immdietally he goes in the kitchen to get a garbage bag. He removes all of his clothes and puts everything in the bag along with his mask and gloves.

He goes upstairs to shower bringing his coke and gun with him so he can clean it and store it back in his safe.

After John showers, he goes in his office and cuts up another line and passes out...

A few hours later he wakes up to Emma saying

"John what the fuck?!"

John is in just his boxers sitting up while sleeping on his couch with his neck tilted back and mouth open.


John is startled and wakes up angry that Emma has disturbed him

"What Em?!"

In a heavy New Jersey accent, Emma says

"What??? What the fuck is this? You using again? For the love of God! I am so sick of ya shit John, honestly, I am"

"It's nothing, go back to bed. Please stop yelling"

Emma flips his coke off of the table and says

"Fuck you, John"

"Em, what the fuck?!"

Emma walks out of John's office and slams the door.

John picks up his phone and checks the time, his phone reads 8:34 am.


John gets up cleaning up his mess and heads upstairs to get dressed for work.

He enters his master bedroom that he and Emma share and proceeds to his walk-in closet to look for a suit.

Emma is cleaning up her bedroom and starts picking up the clothes that John left on the floor. She picks up his white button up from off the floor and notices there is something brown on it. She looks closer and rubs her finger on it and then smells it. She sniffs the shirt and smells a scent that she recognizes...

John comes out of the walk-in closet dressed in a grey suit and is putting his watch on as Emma is walking towards him.

"I'll see you later Em"

"What is this on your shirt?"

"I don't know but I gotta go"

John finished combing his hair back and is paying no attention to Emma

"Why does your shirt have foundation on it? Where were you last night?"

"Em, can we talk about this later? I'm late"

John walks out of his master bedroom and heads to one of the bathrooms downstairs to brush his teeth. After he is done he puts on cologne and his shoes grabbing his phone, keys, and briefcase and then heads out. Today John is driving his Bentley to work...

John arrives at Morreti Global at 9:12 am.

He walks into the call center towards his office with his shades still on briefcase and coffee in hand. He passes by Mia's office and gives her a smile and a nod.

Mia smiles at John and is happy to see him.


John passes me looking better than he did yesterday... today he is wearing a grey pinstriped suit with a red handkerchief in his right pocket and still has his shades on while he walks to his office.

I try to continue finishing my work even though I'm exhausted, I gaze out the window looking at Los Angeles from 45 stories up and begin to daydream. I come back to reality a few minutes later as my job phone rings.

"Hello Mia Banks"

"Mia, it's John. Did you get a chance to reach out to Mr.Martinez?"

"Hey, not yet"

"Ok no problem, check your email in a few minutes I'll be sending you over their proposal, print, and file that when you get a chance"


"Did you get your car fixed? How did you get to work?"

"No I didn't have time actually, I woke up late this morning so I just took an Uber, I'll call Geico to come out when I get off"

"Ok, sounds good, alright look out for my email"


I hang up with John and go into my company email to check my messages. I look up and I see Ashley walking by with a smirk on her face, I look back at her confused but continue finishing my work... I wonder what that was about...

I get around to calling Mr. Martinez about his offer and complete the rest of the paperwork for our new client. I still need to print out those documents so I leave my office and head to the copying machine. As I'm walking towards it I notice Ashley there printing or something.


I want to turn around because I have no interest in interacting with this bitch, especially after that shit she pulled in my office...

Uninterested but still keeping this professional I say


Ashley turns around and looks and me cutting her eyes and smirks as she grabs the rest of her papers from the copy machine. She begins to laugh out of nowhere and then says

"I told you to leave him alone... I tried to be nice to you but you just didn't get the memo huh?"

I look at her confused as to what she is referring to.

"What are you talking about?"

"Any trouble getting to work today?"

Ashley gives me an evil look while walking away laughing

I think to myself...

"This bitch!"

At that moment I have absolutely no self-control. I grab her by her long blonde hair and pull her to the ground. She yells and screams

"Get your fuckn hands off of me!"

John comes rushing out of his office and co-workers assist me off of beating her ass.

John looks at me surprised and says in a concerned voice

"Mia? Ashley? whats going between you two???"


I look over sighing at Ashley... She's lucky we were at work...

"John, can I talk to you in your office?"

"Yes, go. I'll meet you there. Mia, I'll page you in a few, please get back to work"

I walk to my office pissed off. Everyone in the call center is standing up at attention looking at me walk away. In a stern voice, I say

"As your boss, I would ask everyone to get back to work please"

People begin to sit down and I hear chatter as I walk into my office.

As I sit down I am totally embarrassed that I reacted the way I did. I only proved to be what everyone thought I was. Another angry black woman...

I enter my office and have a seat taking a deep breath...

I slightly recline back in my office chair and check my phone for notifications. I have 4 missed calls and 2 messages from June. I open up my messages to see what he says... I'm hoping it's not anything bad...

"Mia call me back"

Another message reads


I'm confused at what's going on and what it is that he needs to tell me so I call him back...the phone rings and I get no response.

I go back to our messages and reply

"Hey I just tried calling you back, is everything ok?"

After I reply to June I lock my phone and get back to work... 15 or so minutes later I see Ashely storm past my office with all of her belongings and then I get a call on my job phone.

"Hello, Mia ba-"

"Mia come into my office"


I hang up with John and take another deep breath, honestly, I don't know what to expect but if he fires me so be it. This might be the best thing for me, it's too much going on anyways. I got 200k plus my savings to sit on so I don't even care at this point.

I walk into John's office and have a seat.

John's body language is firm and his energy is aggravated.

"Mia, I'm disappointed in you... What happened?"

I begin to tell John what happened over by the copy machine...

10 minutes later we are interrupted by John's job phone ringing

"Hello, Joh-"

"John! The cops are here!"


John hangs up his phone abruptly and buttons his suit.

"Mia, go back to your office"

John walks out quickly and leaves me there. Confused I walk out behind him and towards my office. I begin to get extremely nervous because there are at least 10 cops at Moretti Global.

I think to myself

"What the fuck... Why are they here? Is June here too???"

The officer says to Christian

"I'm looking for Mr. Moretti"

John walks up to the officer and shakes his hand

"Hello Sir, I'm Mr.Moretti, how can I help you, gentlemen?"

I look through the crowd of officers and I see June. He is walking towards me.

"June, what are you doing here??? What's going on???"

June pulls me to the side and whispers

"Mia. I tried calling you... they know..."