Girls like sex too podcast


Hey y'all, I'm back with Girls like sex too but I'm coming at y'all with a podcast version coming 8/8/18 @7pm!

The blog was a hit and I surprisingly got a lot of great feedback from women AND men!

So by popular demand, I'm here giving y'all the real, raw scoop on women having sexual FREEDOM and I'm bringing my ladies onboard for this one.Again, sex is made for all of us to enjoy!

What do ya'll think of the double standard men have towards women regarding sex?

What's ya'll sex drive like? On a scale of 1-10?

Do ya'll believe there's a thin line btwn being sexually free and hoeing?

Do you think there is an spiritual attachment with sex?

We'll have a open discussion answering those questions about our sexuality breaking comfort zones, double standards while laying down the TRUTH about how we really feel about SEX. Join us while me and my girls talk sex, uncut and R rated.

"We're gonna need more wine"

-Gabriel union

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