What’s good p%#$y?

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Whats's good pussy? Good pussy is not all pussy...

Pussy ain't just pussy either...

Ya'll men will say " I can get pussy from anybody" true, but will it be worth it? Will you tap out? Are you considering risking it all? Do you get that feeling like "fuck it I'm ready for a family"? If not then it's not good pussy...

Good pussy will have you on some stalker shit. Where you at, what you doing and why you ain't call me all in one sentence type shit. You ain't wanna be in your feels but here we are...


Is it marriage (Damn, this bitch is bad)

Baby carriage (Damn, I love that ass)

- Lil Kim

Good pussy comes with no warning, it just hits you like a bag of bricks.

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Slide in and it's all warm and wet and you just feel right at home... Do I really love this girl or do I love this pussy?

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Hard to say right? Lost in emotions? Feeling fluttery inside? Thinking about your future?

Sounds like good pussy.

Don't get me wrong, good dick will have a bitch in her feelings too, fa sho' but I don't think you can compare the two since we are two different species. Women will act a pure fool off some good dick. The crazy ones will hide in trunks, key cars, flatten car tires, break in yo house, pull up to yo job... am I missing something?

I mean, me personally, I've never been the one... good dick MIGHT have me in my feelings to say the least, but I'm definitely not popping ya car tires 😂


Men are a different type of crazy...

Y'all get some good pussy and y'all controlling, overprotective, selfish, possessive and become psychotic lol. We block you and you call from a different number, send emails, hunt us down and are ready to kill the next man who tries to come for "your pussy."

"So you don't love me no more"


Karrauche must of had that FIRE because Chris Brown was acting a FOOL!

I can only speak for myself when I say there's levels to the pussy. If I like you then it's just damp, if I'm really really attracted to you then it's wet, if I'm in love with you then it's probably supa soaked. (Not tryna give visuals lol just stating the facts)

Some men out there really don't understand this...

Ladies am I right? Please confirm

I know what it is but sometimes men will try to say your pussy is trash because it wasn't wet enough 😂 well sir, you need to check yourself! It's fire regardless but the intensity is what turns it up some notches, now you ready to leave your wife...😭

Lmao I'm not that kinda woman, but yeah. There's men out there in that predicament fa sho'. Ready to risk it all over the kitty.

Good pussy, like real good pussy is addictive, making you feel like you need it everyday.


Feel so good you eat the pussy from the back AND THE ASS.


Fellas tell me if I'm wrong?

What's the craziest thing you've done for some fire cat? 🐱

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