Fu*k me good, Fu*k me long, Fu*k me Safely. Is casual sex worth it?

Casual sex requires sex and lack of emotional commitment and attachments. Being promiscuous or having casual sex is frowned upon and shouldn’t be. Mostly everyone desires sex. It is normal and expected. Tying someone's self-worth and esteem to casual sex is a very narrow and limited way of thinking. In fact, some of the most self-aware individuals I know participate in casual sex because they are able to without lingering emotional baggage.

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In my own words:

Casual sex - when someone is solely looking for sexual pleasure rather than an emotional commitment.

Casual sex is something that we have had before I’m sure. What I think is most important to ask is… ARE Y'ALL USING CONDOMS THO?



Let’s be real here, the pussy feels best RAW. But even SO.. we STILL need to use protection. I know there’s a lot of us that probably can agree with this statement but still find ourselves fuckn raw…

Brent faiyaz stated something like this in a intro in one of his songs..

“I fuck the first 2-3 times without a condom then after that, I’m going in RAW. We living life like the 70’s…”


I feel that, but with STDs at an all time high it’s best that we understand that casual sex can be safe sex but normally it’s NOT.

When you are having casual sex do you have limits to what you can do to please your partner? Keep it real. We all some freaks in 2018..

What are you doing when having casual sex?


Eating pu$$y

Sucking d*ck

Licking butt

Spitting in each other’s mouth

Fingers in butt

Playing with toys in ALL holes and sharing them etc.

Sixty 9in’

Personally, I feel like certain things should be off limits when having a one night stand or casual sex with someone who you are not in a relationship with. I have been in that predicament before where I have done more than I should have considering me and that person's relation. Yet at the same time I feel like sex is meant to enjoy and plus I’m grown.

My ex said to me once,

“If I’m fuckn a random girl and I wanna eat her pu$$y ima do that because I feel like doing it”

I mean I feel that BUT, I’m definitely not sucking everybody dick either. IF IM FEELING SPICY in that moment then I’ll do it based on my sexual arousal.

Then there’s that idea that keeps playing in my head that the act of dick sucking is special and should only be for a man I love and who knows where that thang been slanging anyways…



I mean, what’s sex with out the four play though right???

Sounds a bit dry to me...


And what somebody look like talking bout some,

“Oh I don’t eat pussy?”

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You got me hot and fluttered and you think that your dick is sufficient enough to please me? It ain’t about “pee pees” or dicks. In the words of my girl Della “It ain’t about the boat, it’s about the STROKE.”

But still, I want my pu$$y ate though…

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Again all of us love sex but is it ok to have casual sex casually with strangers? Indulging in foreplay etc WITHOUT getting tested? How many of ya’ll men go to eat pu$$y or ass and think about testing the girl BEFORE HAND? How many times have you attempted to use a condom but slide in some wet warm pu$$y and it either slips off or you take it off because your curious of what you’re missing? Sex is fun but is casual sex worth catching something over then later regretting it?

Conclusively I think that there are a lot of factors we all need to consider when one, picking a partner to have casual sex with and two, knowing your status!

Michele says,

  • Picking partners

    • Avoid childish socialites

    • People that seek sexual partners as milestones and not as people to please and by pleased by are ones to avoid. They will spread your business to the masses. Seeing how the act with other sexual partners are tell-alls!

    • Avoid people who don’t consider partners sexual needs.

      If they don't respect and actively interested in trying to please you

    • Avoid close friends if you are unable to handle the climate

      Mixing pleasure and friendship can get tricky if not careful

    • Avoid people who never get tested

      There are certain people who actually think getting tested is for “dirty people” and not for everyone. AVOID those people at all cost. They will carry an std for the longest and unknowingly pass it to all of their partners leaving it with them to deal with. Have sex with people who care about their own health because people who don't care about their own health damn sure don't care about yours.

  • Do’s and Don’ts

    • Place boundaries with consistent partners

      Storytime! So, me and one of my very close friends always had sexual tension. The whole time in college we never gave into it. We always kept it as friends. We flirted every now and again, but never anything serious. Senior year of college drunk minds speak sober thoughts and even soberer actions. We gave into those desires and started a sexually based relationship that lacked proper boundaries. Our friendship got closer, we started crossing emotional lines, and things got blurry. Long story short he completely disrespected me, our friendship, and whatever we had going on at the time. All of this could have been avoided if the communication was proper and boundaries were set from the jump. Now we no longer have much of a friendship and in truth, it will always have a faint awkward air around us.

    • Invest in satisfying your  and learning how to be satisfied

      Learn how to make yourself orgasm in multiple ways.

    • Don’t pitch a fit over bad sex to your peers

      Less than amazing sex doesn’t mean they weren’t trying. Sometimes your sexual chemistry just wasn’t right for each other when the time comes. No need to bash them for it. Casual sex is like playing Russian roulette. It won’t always be your desired outcome.

  • One night stands

    • Use protection!

      Raw sex is amazing! We all know this but the STD rate is at an all-time high. Someone you know has or has had an std at some point in their lives or will. It isn’t worth risking  

    • Alert your friends of your location

      The world is nothing short of dangerous. Make sure you drop information on your potential partner and your location preferably in a group chat so multiple people will be aware.

  • Getting tested

    • STD/STI facts

    • How often

      • Between each different sexual partner or at least once every 3 months.

    • Things to know about STDs

      • You can have an std and be unaware. Being asymptomatic is a real thing. No symptoms but carrying an STD/STI none the less. Get tested and know your status

    • A call to action to get tested

      • I want everyone to take the post and use it as an incentive to get   Know your status so you can live your BEST sexual lives :)

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