7 things that poor people do that rich people don't

This blog is dynamic, so with that being said, even if you aren’t rich (yet) you might have the mindset to be which will take you there soon enough. It’s not about placing yourself into a box, or labeling yourself as rich or poor but moreless identifying where your mindset stands in regards to your current situation and your abilities to actually succeed.


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Your struggle might impact the timing of your success, but it will not deter your success. No more sob stories, either you fight or die out here, ain’t no in between. You’re poor because you let your circumstances hold you back by not shifting your mindset. You may be poor by default but you’re also poor by choice. If you are a fully functioning healthy human being you have no excuses.

Excuses set you back not put you forward, stop looking to blame others as to why your not getting ahead of the game. Self made, industry innovators, worth millions, didn’t keep tabs on their misfortunes, they focused on turning those into fourtnes.

What you make out of life is what you get regardless of any mishaps. You don’t put in the work you don’t EAT,


Realistically, how are you expecting results when you haven’t put in any work? Your finances haven’t changed in the last 2-5 years, you had more children but no increase in credit score or income, you didn’t gain any assets, accrued more debt and your complaining? About what exactly? What have you done to change the situation rather than to contribute to your failure? Fuck thinking and talking about it, DO IT.


7 things that poor people do that rich people don’t

  1. Poor people are too comfortable, while rich people are never comfortable or complacent. There is a strong urge to want MORE.

  2. Poor people watch TV, and live by social media. Rich people read books and look for ways to build revenue.

  3. Poor people get paid on time, rich people get paid on results.

  4. Poor people blame others, rich people take responsibility for their failures.

  5. Poor people are only concerned about saving while rich people are making efforts to invest. There’s an understanding of long term VS short term financial freedom. “The well eventually runs dry”

  6. Poor people know it all, rich people continue to learn.

  7. Poor people have a “lottery mentality”, rich people have an action mentality, ready and willing to put in the work at all cost instead of waiting for a “miracle” to happen. They are extremely determined and focused.

    Inspiration from @danlok


You want action? Change your routine. Change your attitude. Change your mindset. What follows after, is the results you're looking for.

Things I’ve done to achieve successful results in a matter of 2 years.

  1. Isolated myself to get FOCUSED. The vision isn’t always clear when there’s alot going on in your everyday life. Friends/ family matters, a lot of going out/partying etc, not practicing self care can cloud up what you're actually supposed to be doing. The time I gave myself alone allowed me to realign my focus and to grasp the blueprint.

  2. With the blue print, I created The Raw Dosage to not only express myself, but to generate revenue 3 + ways.

  3. Focus on self love + self care. Understanding the “Burn out.” Working an excessive amount of overtime, overextending your mind + body is never good. I learned my limits and it helped me to manage my energies for useful purposes like creating.

  4. Use social media as a platform for income instead of entertainment. Engage, stay consistent and focus on building a community rather than numbers. High following doesn’t always mean you’re being supported. Quality over quantity.

  5. Speak my goals, aspirations etc out into the universe, how can you do it, if you can’t believe you can?

  6. I read books, researched information, studied, followed/interacted with like minded individuals.

  7. I TOOK CHANCES. Regardless of who doubted me, or what I thought was “realistic” or not, or whether I was fearful etc, I DID IT ANYWAYS.

Speaking figuratively I am not “rich” in finances, but I am rich in self love, healing, and gratitude. I’m rich in my capabilities, my hustle and my gifts. Why would I question my ability to win?

I’ve already won.