Recovering from low frequencies

Lately, I’ve been FLUSTERED. Overwhelmed, drained and completely low on energy. It seems as though I haven’t been able to recover just yet. THE STRUGGLE ISN’T SKIPPING A BEAT. Yes, I feel like I always jump back from shit but I ain’t superwoman. Realistically I don’t have much time to regroup at the moment so what’s happening is, it’s catching up…


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Life literally keeps throwing me struggle after struggle like damn, can I LIVE THOUGH????

All within a matter of just a few months, my life changed DRASTICALLY. My relationship ended, I relocated 300 miles away, I changed careers, moved 3 times and lost my grandmother. Losing someone that I was so close with in the middle of my spiritual breakthrough was TOUGH. The emotions I felt and the ones I am still dealing with are extremely difficult to process. It’s been a mental and spiritual challenge that’s been


Real footage of me struggling, to get out the struggle.

Real footage of me struggling, to get out the struggle.

Not to mention the process of the actual transition… that shit is SEPARATE. Going through it is one thing, but trying to recover yourself from that thing that you’ve just experienced is something totally different….

You now have to prepare and basically brace your mental and spiritual well being to transition from the pain you just felt, into a healing state of mind and emotion.

Life happens, and sometimes it comes full force like the brick that Kevin McCallister threw at the robbers lmaooo

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You wasn’t expecting it and it hit like a motherfucker.

What can you really do though? I’m not saying ignore the shit that’s hurting you, but you definitely having to find coping mechanisms. The act of not addressing it causes deeper pain and I’m just not ready for that.

Yes, I’m dealing with a lot of hurtful things that have happened to me, but what I’m also doing is keeping myself in check with reminders, affirmations and also circling back on previous confirmations.

Those confirmations could be things that people have told me, visions they’ve seen for me and my future, acknowledgment of my upcoming success, blogs that I have written and re-read. The comments and support people have showed me, or just a reflection on how far I’ve actually come.


The growth is REAL, don’t downplay your shit.

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Having a shift can be really hard to deal with especially if your not even sure what’s going on. You can’t ignore it though, you HAVE TO ADDRESS IT.

At this point I can feel when I’m having a shift or a low vibration because these things happen;

  1. Lack of interest in conversation.

  2. Spacey feelings when around crowds of people.

  3. Being more intuned with being an empath. (Higher feelings of vibrations from others)

  4. More sleepy, fatigue, low energy.

  5. Lack of cleanliness around my home.

  6. Increased appetite + weight gain.

Things I do to raise my vibration

  1. Make healthier food choices. Processed foods, sweeteners etc has really set me back and ultimately lowered my frequencies.

  2. Giving alcohol a break. Too much contributes to an enhancement of my anxiety etc.

  3. Drink PLENTY of water to flush my system. I like to make a pitcher of detox to end the night and start the morning. (Fill pitcher with water, sliced cucumbers squeeze fresh lemons and cut lemons to add also. Steep for 2 hours) This clears skin, boost energy and also promotes healthy digestive tract.

  4. Get back to doing meditation and yoga every morning and night. Download “Down dog” to get a guided session based on your expertise and also download an app called “Calm” this is a guided meditation app that has sessions, music, and sleepy time stories. My favorite meditation app thus far. This really helps me get centered again.

  5. Deep cleaning my house. When I say deep clean I mean washing all dirty clothes, sheets, sweeping, mopping, cleaning the stove, gutting out closets, draws etc of clutter, re-organizing files, books, cabinets etc all at once. #1 it’s therapeutic to do and also to experience once you’ve finished taking a hot shower and your house is spotless and smelling good.

  6. Talk or go out with friends to get my mind off of things.

  7. I give myself “me time”. I shut the lights off keeping dim ones on, light candles and play soothing music or even instrumentals of peaceful melodies that I can vibe out to. Really gets me in my groove.

  8. Get a massage/ pedicure etc. Nothing like a little pampering.

  9. Drink Sleepy time tea at night time which really relaxes me to the point where I drift off. (Here’s the link)

  10. Read, or listen to a podcast etc. I love listening to Shelah Marie’s Meditation Mixtape. It’s filled with peace, light and love. So many gems that have changed my life. Thankful for my mentor because she introduced me to her work.

Recovering from low frequencies isn’t easy, but after you’ve taken the time to feel what hurt you etc, start the recovery.

Right now, I feel somewhat alone throughout the spiritual journey of healing and it feels harder than it’s supposed to but realistically, it IS a journey I need to do on my own and I get that so I’ll continue to love myself, be gentle with myself, and allow myself time and space to heal so get back to the boss bitch I KNOW I am.