Hood N*ggas played out...

Don’t come for me, I said what I said…

I love me a sophisticated hood nigga but the reality is, ain’t many of ya’ll left. You know… a man who’s from the trenches, inhibited street smarts along with book smarts and he grown now so he don’t treat you like a chicken head because he respects women… Yeah.

What’s left is bums and hood boogers. Theres the nigga’s from the bricks that act like they get money but really don’t and the little bit of money they do get they smoke it all up or spend it on designer shit they can’t afford, OR the nigga’s from the bricks that get money and STILL LIVE IN THE BRICKS but still act how they live.


I’m 26 going on 27 I don’t want no man that can’t leave the hood! I didn’t choose to live in the trenches, in apartments with roaches, people shooting and drug infested neighborhoods. I mean who would choose that anyways?


Get money and leave that shit alone! The hood don’t love you Mitch!


I'm fine with a hood nigga but you can’t be acting all ghetto when we go out in public and shit. Mattress on the floor and shit. Sheets for curtains and shit. Smoking ZIG ZAGS & SHIT!


I need you to be able to speak with eloquence, be able to hold meaningful conversation, have good manners and etiquette in public. We can act a fool in private fa sho, but when its time to get around people I need you to be on your P’S and Q’S.

To me, being a hood nigga ain’t a lifestyle, it’s a mindset. You ain’t gotta act or look like where you from. The essence of a hood nigga is how he move. How he think, his swag,


He’s strategic, on point and CONFIDENT.

All that shit is SEXY. Like I said, I love a hood n*gga but ya’ll starting to turn me off! N*gga’s wanna play call of duty, drink Henny, go to the strip clubs, stand on corners but don’t wanna read no books! Don’t wanna self elevate, try new shit, eat healthy, damn lmaoo!

I always thought n*ggas dressing like this was sexy as FUCK! And I still find it sexy but damn, can you switch it up sometimes???


Can you dress up sometimes? Not only when you going to a wedding or court???


When I was younger I high key had a thing for hood nigga's. I don't know what it was that attracted me to the baggy pants, timberland boots, hood lingo, aggressiveness, trapping, and violence but I loved it lmaooo. Looking back that was really all there was too it, because ya’ll couldn’t really do shit for me, I gave more than I received and thats why it’s played out! Ok, you get money and can wine and dine me every now and again, but WHAT ELSE. Can you LOVE ME THOUGH. Can you treat me with respect??? CAN YOU KEEP IT 100???


I need you to be able to at least have the mindset of GROWTH and being from the hood ain’t got shit to do with that!

Hood niggas are shaky because they don’t wanna seem soft or thirsty so even though they maybe into you; you may never know the full extent of it. Hood niggas take years before they are actually ready to love you, like really love you and I simply DON’T GOT TIME FOR THAT!

Shit just look at Ghost and Tasha lmaooo

power 50 cent.gif

Ghost is the perfect example of a gangster and gentleman which is what most woman want that are into hood niggas, but shiddd nobody wanna be in the middle of drug busts and shootouts ain’t nobody tryna die now…but Ghost is fine as fuck, hood ass fuck but CLASSY AS FUCK.

He will gut you like a fish throw on his blazer adjust his tie and go back to work like nothing ever happened


Ghost is fine and all and his swag is on point put look what he put Tasha through, SMH. Ya’ll hood nigga’s be DAMAGING!

The hood did damage to us all in one way or another but are you really gonna fall victim to your circumstances? What’s outside of that lifestyle you live???

What’s outside of trapping my man’s? You selling dime bags ain’t gonna help you make it out the hood! PLUS, YOU SMOKING THE SHIT YOU SHOULD BE SELLING.

Forget it….

Hood niggas played out to me because ya’ll have nothing left to offer to a grown ass woman of growth and morales Which is why Tasha done with Ghost tired ass.

I don’t know… Are hood niggas played out? Do you think that was an immature phase? Is that something you can still deal with as a grown ass woman? Tell me your experience with a hood nigga.